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Slices of November

I’ve got the tree up, decorated it yesterday, and there’s even gifts under it thanks to my mother in law. But it still doesn’t feel like December. Maybe if I mentally slice November that will help! It didn’t work great last month, but I’ll try again.November baby

.2 – Pounds gained in November. (I’m blaming it on Thanksgiving and White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies.)

2 – Days at Time Out for Women. It was a nice getaway!

3 – Books read. My favorites were The Candymakers or A Timeless Romance Anthology. (At least I narrowed it down by one!)

4 – Articles written, including Top 3 Toddler Gift Ideas featuring my grandson!

5 – Christmas movies watched. Isn’t that one of the best parts of Christmas?

6Projects completed (7 if you count the one I crossed of my list without doing it).

12 – Blog posts written.

15 – Pounds of turkey cooked on Thanksgiving. He was so cute and kind of little for our family.

48 – Rolls made for Thanksgiving dinner.

50 – States that visited my blog.

52 – Countries represented!

1454 – Page views! Thank you for another new record.

3148 – Words added to my book. I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, but I did better than last year. At this rate, it will only take me 27 years to actually win!

Share your successes from November!


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Friday Favorites: November 16

There’s only six days until Thanksgiving! I’m still working on taking down the Halloween decorations and I’m not sure I’ll get the scarecrows and other Thanksgiving ones up. Fortunately no decorations are needed to share this weeks favorites!gift favorites

  • I spent an afternoon with some cute girls cruising the mall and hitting the movies. Now that I’m finally thinking about Christmas gifts, I guess I should actually start shopping.
  • We saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green (I know, we’re behind on movies). It was sweet, but sad.
  • Time to stock on baking supplies. There were some amazing deals earlier in the week.
  • We laughed til we cried at the local high school improv comedy show. I don’t remember anything that cool when I was in high school. Jesterz look out!

I know you’re dying to hear my favorites from some of my favorite blogs too!

  • I’ve been wanting to host a cookie exchange for a couple of years. Chef in Training’s Lemon Curd Thumbprint Cookies would be an awesome cookie to swap.
  • I’m in some serious motivation to work on my 2011 scrapbook; I have almost 60 pages to finish and my goal was the end of the month! Maybe Creating Keepsakes November / December sketches will inspire me.
  • Part of the Thanksgiving decorations that haven’t been put up is our annual Gratitude Garland. Maybe I’ll skip it and try Somewhat Simple’s Giving Tree instead.

Please share your favorites in a comment. I love to hear what’s on your mind!

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Friday Favorites: September 28

Yeah, it’s the last Friday in September! Here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Spent the day with my cute grandson while some of the other kiddos went to an amusement park.
  • Since I had the house to myself after he went to bed, I sneaked in a Christmas movie, The 12 Dates of Swinging favoritesChristmas.
  • I finished our family book club read, The Dragonfly Pool and can’t wait to share my review. (I’m just a few behind.)
  • Participated in an awesome Relief Society clothing exchange.
  • My kids made some delicious chocolate muffins. Since they are muffins that totally makes them breakfast food, right?
  • My new article is up at Arizona Mama – Fall Fun at the Park! Please check it out and leave me a comment.

There’s some cool favorites online too!

  • It’s time to pull out the Halloween decorations. Wouldn’t these Monster Pedestal Jars from The Celebration Shop be a cute addition to our decor?
  • I’ve been meaning to try making a big batch of homemade taco seasoning. Maybe I should try a batch from My Favorite Recipes to see if I like it – then make a big batch.
  • Givers Log pointed out that there are only 12 weeks until Christmas! (See, I’m totally justified in watching Christmas movies!) She has a link for a coolio checklist for those of you who make your gifts. I don’t so much make too many gifts, but I have been gathering ideas and even bought a few things.
  • I enjoyed Annette Lyon’s guest post on Chocolate on my Cranium about having real conversations with our children.

Don’t be shy, share your Friday favorites!

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Friday Favorites: December 30

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!  Between recuperating from Christmas and the kids home all day, this has been a very low key, relaxed week.  It’s a nice change from the hustle and bustle preparing for Christmas.  Tomorrow night we have a low key family party at home to ring in the New Year.  It’s fairly traditional, so there is little planning.  On to this week’s favorites.

  • Obviously Christmas was my favorite; though it can be a little sad when it ends.
  • I finished reading Daughters in My Kingdom.
  • Just Dance 3 on our new Kinect. (Thanks Mom!)
  • A little 2-days after Christmas shopping.
  • Some babysitting and
  • A trip to the library.

Like I said, it’s been a very low key week.  I haven’t been on the computer a ton this week, but I found a few things to share.

How did you spend the last week of 2011?

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