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Friday Favorites: January 10

Happy Friday! How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming? You didn’t give up on them yet, have you? I’m still plugging away at my list of goals. I’m glad I still have 51 weeks to achieve them! I can’t fill the whole week with goals, I had some fun too. Here are this week’s favorites!Christmas tree favorites

  • I finished taking down the Christmas decorations. (OK that one was a goal for the week, but I’m glad it’s done.) Most of the scratches from my beautiful ginormous tree are almost healed too!
  • I joined a local Biggest Loser competition. That’s a goal too, but it’s so much more fun with a great group to encourage, support and offer a little friendly competition.
  • I finished helping my mom with inventory. It’s nice to help other people with their goals too.
  • My writing group was so much fun this week. We had a lesson on goals (I know, you’re shocked) and shared some great writing.
  • I finished reading my first book of the year – Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry. One down and 49 to go.
  • Last night’s book club was another favorite, even though I only finished 2 of the 4 in the series.

So most of my favorites were related to goals, but that’s what happens when you set goals pertaining to things you love and things that are important to you. I’m not the only one focused on goals this week…

  • McAuley Freelance Writing has a great example of what happens when you set goals and work to meet them!
  • Chef in Training’s Slow Cooker Berry Cobbler reminds me of our dessert at book club last night. I could be tempted into eating another delicious berry dessert!

What goals did you set for yourself this year or even this week? Or should I ask, what is your favorite goal this week?


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Christmas Changes

I love traditions, but sometimes what I call tradition is actually my evolution into a creature of habit.  Take Christmas decorations, for instance.  We’ve lived in our house for several years and we’ve gotten into a groove with our Christmas decorations.  The nutcrackers go together on top of that bookcase, the snowman are grouped here, and the collection of Christmas stuffed animals always goes in front of the fireplace.  What can I say, we live in Arizona.  It’s not like we actually use our fireplace very often.

Over the summer a chain of events that started with a broken TV ended with a shift in our living room decor.  I’m still feeling the effects of that event.  In past years, we always put the large nativity on top of the entertainment center.  With the entertainment center gone, there’s no place to put the nativity or other decorations.

Right now our nativity is off to the side in a little nook by the fish.  We’re still working on getting the decorations up and readjusting to the new layout.  I guess a little shake up now and then is a good thing!

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