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Friday Favorites: April 20

Like last week, it’s been another busy week – what would it be like to say it’s been a relaxing week with not much going on?  I’d probably be bored out of my mind and not have many favorites to share! Without further ado, here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Last Saturday we went to Scout-o-rama.  Picture three of four ball fields of booth sharing information about Dutch ovens, knots, Cub Scout belt loops and merit badges.  There was so much fun, hands-on activities for the whole family.  We definitely need to get there earlier next year.  One of my favorite exhibits was the Dirty Derby; it’s like a demolition derby with saw blades and swinging logs for over-sized wood block cars.
  • Part of this week’s business was canning chicken and deep cleaning the kitchen and floors.
  • I showed you the Book themed party invitation, and I’ve been working on decorations for the party this week.  I’ll show you how they turned next week.

Here are a couple of favorite posts from a couple of my favorite blogs!

Share your favorites of the week!

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