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China Summer Camp

It has been a crazy busy summer, but we still squeezed in a few of our fun summer camp themes. I shared the details of our China Summer Camp over at Arizona Mama. Our themes have been very international this year with France and now China, which is perfect for this Olympic season! This theme was sparked by a beautiful coffee table book, The Spirit of China. Don’t you love awesome neighbors who give your kids gifts that spark a quest for learning?

Please come visit me and be sure to say hello!

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China Week Summer Camp, Part Three

Today was a little busy with meetings and play dates. For today’s summer camp we only had time to read a story called The Goddess who Cast the Bell. It was long and kind of different. I wanted to read Lon Po Po, but I realized just before we were going to start today’s lesson, that I don’t have it. It sounds really good, a Chinese version on Little Red Riding Hood. Maybe another time!

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China Week Summer Camp, Day Two with a Bonus

During day two of our China week of summer camp, we learned a few basic facts about China and we learned about the Great Wall of China. Did you know that puppy is around 3700 miles long? We read the Magic Paintbrush. I thought I had read this before, but not the version we read today. I really enjoyed it. Loosely related to the whole China theme, we watched Wendy Wu; Homecoming Warrior. During the movie we enjoyed our Chinese Almond Cookies! I didn’t know four people could work on one batch of cookies without tripping over each other.

After our summer school fun, came my bonus. The playroom was too messy to vacuum (again), so I pestered the kiddos to clean it up (again). This time they not only cleaned up, but they cleaned out. I think the room lost 40 pounds! So let me know if you’re interested in a roller coaster for Kelly dolls or random Fashion Polly clothes 😉

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China Week Summer Camp

It probably doesn’t say so on anyone else’s calender, but here it’s China week! During Summer Camp this week we’re learning about China this week as part of our Stay-at-home Summer School. Today we read The Seven Chinese Brothers, learned about Chinese inventions and colored the Chinese flag. Don’t they look great?

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