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Slices of December

Happy New Year!  To Celebrate the New Year, I’m changing from December Numbered to Slices of December.  It goes much better with my Easy As Pie theme.  December was filled with a whole lot of Christmas, but we managed to some other things too.

0 – pounds lost or gained.  I was able to maintain my weight through the Christmas goodies and New Year’s celebrations.

1 – Recipe added to our Real Food for Real People blog.  I’m going to try to add more of our dinners this year.

2 – Nights looking at Christmas lights.

4 – Books read; Skipping Christmas, Christmas List, Science Fair, and Daughters in My Kingdom.

7 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

9 – Challenge Projects completed.

23 – Blog posts written.

1003 – Page views!

How did your month add up? 

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October Numbered

October was busy, but there was a lot of fun busy.  How could a month that ends with a night walking through the neighborhood collecting candy with the kids not be fun?  Here’s how my month stacked up.

.2 – Pounds gained.  Up again this month, but only a little.

1 – Class finished!

2 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People.  We slacked off a little, but I’m planning on adding my award winning chili soon.

3 – Kinds of “Rice Krispie” Treats made this month.  OK, the last one didn’t have any Rice Krispies, but it used crushed Oreos in there place.  This is also where the two new recipes on our other blog came from.

4 – Bowls of Halloween candy on my counter, with the chocolate separated from everything else.

5 – Books read.  I’ve been busy!  One of them was my textbook; I think is ironic that my 8-week nutrition class is the only one that had me read the entire textbook!

6 – Candy corn sewn to our Candy Corn Bunting.

7 – Articles written for Arizona Mama and The Homemaking Cottage.  That’s not counting my new one up today about the Arizona Science Center.

14 – Scrapbook layouts completed.  I only have 15 left to finish up 2010!

15Challenge projects completed.

23 – Blog posts.  I’m getting back to normal since I finished my class.

1277 – Page views.

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