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Cupcake Challenge Party Entries

I’ve been totally slacking on sharing our Cupcake Challenge contestants creations! (I blame too much life.) As I mentioned last month when I shared the invitations, this was our second cupcake challenge party. This time we had four teams working their cake decorating magic.

Our first group had a very whimsical entry. It’s amazing how much candy a couple of girls can manage to pile on!

The next group used their cupcakes to construct a cute dear eating a bush. I love the Runts antlers!

The third group was shooting for a surf, turf and air motif with a ginormous octopus on the ocean, an equally huge cloud in the sky and of coarse the earth cupcake.

Our winner did an excellent job of stacking their cupcakes into a tall tree, making leaves from slices of large marshmallows dipped in colored sugar. Congratulations!

So there you have this challenge’s works of art. Which one would you have voted for?

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