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Beauty Book Club

With all the hustle of December, I skipped sharing our Beauty Book Club.  If you are unfamiliar with Beauty, Robin McKinley’s first book, it is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  This version is not so much a good versus evil story as it is of personal discovery.  While it’s far from an action adventure, it is captivating all the same.

I knew my teenagers enjoyed this book, since the cover is no longer attached to the 4 sections of pages. It turns out the adults enjoyed it too.  I read this was originally promoted as adult fantasy.  Not only did we all agree that the book was wonderful, we also all agreed that the ending was disappointing because it was so abrupt.  Nevertheless, I’d give it 5 pies!

We liked how strong Beauty is and yet remains humble about her talents.  Would we be as brave when faced with sacrificing our freedom to save someone we love?  And could we do it with a positive attitude?

To celebrate the Christmas season, we enjoyed a variety of homemade Christmas treats including fudge, caramels and toffee.

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