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Friday Favorites on Saturday

I was hoping to get back on track with posting Friday Favorites on Fridays again. Obviously that didn’t happen this week. Since there’s too much fun stuff to do on a Saturday, here’s a quick run down of this week’s favorites.

  • We finally saw Wreck It Ralph at the dollar movies. It was a nice family evening of food court food and Favorite stomachcruising the mall.
  • After five stores, I finally found a short sleeve white dress shirt.
  • I finished my short story! It needs a lot of polishing, but there’s still a sense of accomplishment in finishing.
  • Pi Day at the Arizona Science Center.
  • Pie on Pi Day.
  • Book Club. I didn’t even read the book; I was there for the social time.

When I list it that way, it looks like I have plenty of reason to feel like we had a full week. How did you fill your week?


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Friday Favorites: June 15

The kids are out of school and the weather’s confirming that summer is in full swing with temperatures approaching 110! So how does a typical Arizona family have fun in the boiling heat? I don’t know about everyone else but here’s a few of our favorites of the week.

  • A trip to Flagstaff – we explored Sunset Crater, Lowell Observatory and the Riordan Mansion.
  • ANWA meeting – it’s always good to get my creativity and enthusiasm recharged.
  • Arizona Science Center – I was surprised there were already some changes since the last time we went, good ones of coarse.

So maybe we do more to escape the heat instead of having fun in it. Hanging out in the air conditioning, I found these online favorites.

So what are your summer favorites?

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October Numbered

October was busy, but there was a lot of fun busy.  How could a month that ends with a night walking through the neighborhood collecting candy with the kids not be fun?  Here’s how my month stacked up.

.2 – Pounds gained.  Up again this month, but only a little.

1 – Class finished!

2 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People.  We slacked off a little, but I’m planning on adding my award winning chili soon.

3 – Kinds of “Rice Krispie” Treats made this month.  OK, the last one didn’t have any Rice Krispies, but it used crushed Oreos in there place.  This is also where the two new recipes on our other blog came from.

4 – Bowls of Halloween candy on my counter, with the chocolate separated from everything else.

5 – Books read.  I’ve been busy!  One of them was my textbook; I think is ironic that my 8-week nutrition class is the only one that had me read the entire textbook!

6 – Candy corn sewn to our Candy Corn Bunting.

7 – Articles written for Arizona Mama and The Homemaking Cottage.  That’s not counting my new one up today about the Arizona Science Center.

14 – Scrapbook layouts completed.  I only have 15 left to finish up 2010!

15Challenge projects completed.

23 – Blog posts.  I’m getting back to normal since I finished my class.

1277 – Page views.

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Field Trips

I’ve chaperoned as many of my kids’ field trips as possible.  Sometimes, I let my husband go while I stayed home with our preschool age kids, but there were a few times neither of us could go.  I love going on field trips with my kiddos!  We get to see new cool new places, and we get to do it together.  Field trips are so cool, I like to incorporate weekly trips in our summer routine when I can.

While field trips are another way to volunteer in our children’s classrooms, there can be a downside.  You could be asked to watch a large group of unruly kids and miss out on the some of the fun with your child.  Due to school politics, I’ve opted out of the school’s field trips for my younger kids.  When their class goes on a field trip, so do we – just somewhere different on our own.  They focus on a different theme, usually science based, each quarter. We try to go somewhere that ties into what they are studying.

This little guy at the zoo reminded of the owls from our Hoot book club meeting.

Our field trips have taken us to the Arizona Science Center, the zoo, the Superstition Mountain Museum, and the Riparian Preserve.  Since it was just me and my children, we got so much out of our field trip – educational discussions (like seeing borrowing owls at the zoo and remembering what we learned about them in book club),  and personal discussions.  We played, laughed and even enjoyed a leisurely lunch together.

Field trips are another way to connect with our children and make learning fun.  What are your favorite field trips to go on with your kids?

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