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Christmas Jars Reunion Book Club

Christmas Jar book clubOne of my favorite ways to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas is by reading great Christmas books. I know you’re shocked that a book would make my holiday special. The only thing better than a book for me is a book club for the whole family!

If you’re looking for a book to help your family feel the real spirit of Christmas Jars and Christmas Jars Reunion by Jason F. Wright are great books to during this wondrous season. Head over to Arizona Mama to read about our Christmas Jars book club celebration! The best part of this series is it leads to its own traditions.

What are your favorite Christmas books to read with your family?

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas boxLast weekend we had a girls afternoon at the mall. I saw several stores having pre-Christmas sales and I couldn’t help pestering my kiddos for some Christmas gift ideas. I think I’ve finished my shopping for my grandson though. Do you want to know why he’s so easy? Head over to Arizona Mama to my top three toddler Christmas gift ideas. Not only are these ideas ridiculously easy, it was also a great excuse to show off my cutie pie!

Who are you most excited to start Christmas shopping for this year?

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Slices of October

Ready to talk turkey? I’m not! I still feels like school just started, even though we spent last night walking around the neighborhood begging for candy trick or treating. Maybe reflecting on how I sliced October will help me come to grips that it’s over.October invites

1 – Day at Bloggy Boot Camp.

2 – Books read. I barely finished One Thousand Gifts yesterday morning.

2 – Scrapbook layouts. To reach my goal of finishing 2011, I only have 57 layouts to do this month. Yeah, it’s not looking good.

2 – Days logging my food. I don’t know why I’m being so lazy with this!

2.2 – Pounds lost! Maybe its OK to be lazy with logging my food if I cut way back on sweets. I was so good last night and only had one piece of the kids candy.

6 – Articles written, including Flight Activities for Kids.

13 – Bat invitations made.

14 – Projects completed. Several were inspired from Bloggy Boot Camp.October states

15 – Blog posts.

27 – Countries represented by visiting my blog in October.

48 – States represented; Nebraska, where are you?

1105 – Page views.

2997 – Words added to my book. I’m hoping to do much better than that for NaNoWriMo!

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts in October

  1. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  2. Sweet Shop / Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  3. Raingutter Regatta
  4. Book Theme Party Decorations
  5. FHE: Articles of Faith

How did your month go? I’d love to hear how you sliced up your October!

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Flight Activities for Kids

I shared some fun flight activities to do with the kids over at Arizona Mama. Is it just me, or is life more fun with a theme? The best part of this theme is we create, we exercise and we learn. You can’t ask for more!

Flight activities Ring Glider

While you’re there you can also take a peek at my review of Frost Gelato in Gilbert, Arizona and our Princess Academy Family Book Club. While you’re there, be sure to say so I don’t get lonely!

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