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April 2015 Review

April kicked my butt; I’m relieved I survived it! I’m still struggling to get back in control this month! In some ways April was better than March.

1 – Test passed, 6 more to go for my designation if I did my math correctlyNew car

2 – Cub Scout den meetings

2.4 – Pounds lost, and that’s the upside of stress

3 – Friends joined me for girls night out

4 – New to me wheels

6 – Projects completed

37 – Photos to Instagram

468 – Words added to my book

473 – Just Wanna Be Me page views

Some of those numbers were lower than I had hoped, but I had a few unexpected accomplishments too. Like buying a car, and all the stuff that went with that process. I hope you had a great April and May is even better for you. Share your April highlights!

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Slices of April

The good news is I’m recapping April earlier in the month than I recapped March last month. The bad news is this is only my second post since my March recap. Without further ado, here’s how April sliced.

1 – Blog post written (yep, March’s recap)

1 – Article written. My one month off from the Homemaking Cottage, slipped into two. I did have a lot of fun with my Airman Family Book Club article though.April Paper airplane

1 – Book read – The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. I’m so behind in my Goodreads goal!

1.8 – Pounds lost

3 – Projects complete. At least they were big projects.

4 – Social events, from writing club, to book club to Relief Society and Pack Meeting

7 – Potential employers spoken to at a job fair

14 – Speed interview tables – you know, like speed dating, but for a job. (No, I didn’t get it.)

27 – Countries visited Easy As PIE

47 – States that visited Easy As PIE. Apparently I’m very popular in Nebraska!

76 – Words added to my book (pitiful, I know)

1112 – Page views. Thanks for your support!

April’s Top Posts

  1. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  2. Book Theme Party Decorations
  3. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision
  4. Sweet Shop and Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  5. Family Home Evening: Adam and Eve

Don’t be shy, tell me how your month sliced up!

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Slices of April

April flew by in a breeze of activity.  I’ve checked my focus on my word of the year – Nurture. I had to go look up which word I chose, and smiled at how appropriate that word is this year. Despite the busyness and challenges, I feel like I’m on the right path. Here’s how this month sliced!

1 – Book destroyed for our book theme party decorations.

1.2 – Pounds lost in March and another 1/4 inch in my waist!

3 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People blog, thanks to my daughter.

6 – Articles written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.  Be sure to check out my latest, Book Theme Birthday Party and see how we used the awesome decorations.

7 – Books read! I’ve been a reading machine and I already finished one in May! Court Duel was my favorite for the month.

8 – Scrapbook layouts completed

12Projects finished

16 – Blog posts

21 – Days logging my food, 12 were logged on the calorie counting website.

33 – Names added to my PAF (Personal Ancestral File)

590 – Page views for April

How did you slice your month?

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