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Friday Favorites: June 14

Happy Flag Day! This week’s favorites have largely come from our Summer Bucket List Challenge. So far we have completed 15 items – and most of them were even fun. We had a streak of poor sportsmanship during a game. It was the Hunger Games board game, so maybe it’s hard to be a good sport when your playing a game about bumping off the competition.bucket list favorites

  • We attempted to attend the MCC Planetarium Night, but we arrived to late to get tickets. No matter, we watched a show about Pluto (poor demoted planet), looked at Saturn through a telescope and shot film canister rockets.
  • We had our family book club for Deadweather and Sunrise.
  • We tried frying an egg on the sidewalk, but it was too cold. (There’s something you don’t hear about an Arizona summer day very often!) We’ll have to try again when it hits 115.
  • We made Father’s Day cards.
  • Our ice cream social was a delicious success! There’s even some ice cream left over to make milkshakes; a list item for another day.
  • Not a summer bucket list item, but we had another meeting planning the ANWA Writer’s Conference. It’s going to be so cool!

Were your Friday Favorites also you Summer Bucket List items? Share your favorites so I can use them for my family too!

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Friday Favorites on Saturday

Friday came and went but I had some great favorites I wanted to share, even if they are a day late! It’s been a very social week.Favorite food

  • I had lunch with a friend at a new favorite restaurant – Cafe Zupas. It was a little rushed since I needed to get to work.
  • An awesome ANWA chapter meeting and write in. We discussed the big ANWA conference that I’m still digesting. There were so many amazing classes.We also found a lot of humor through out our meeting.
  • A surprise visit from my in-laws.
  • Girls night out was very eclectic with sushi and gelato. It’s important to experience foods from different parts of the world. We laughed so much in Charming Charlie’s. I can’t believe so many of the ladies hadn’t been there before.

I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite blogs as much as I would like, but here are a couple recent posts that caught my eye.

What were a few of your favorite things this week?

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National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing MonthNational Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo ended Friday. While I had high hopes, I knew writing the 50,000 words to win was a long shot. I would have considered myself a winner if I hit 10% of that. Alas, I fell short of that goal too. (Why do they have NaNoWriMo in November? There has to be a less busy month!)

On the bright side, I did over 700 words better than last year and completed 6%. Also I wrote more in November than I have since I started keeping track. Ironically, now that NanoWriMo is over, I wrote almost 1100 words today! Apparently my desire to finish my current chapter for my ANWA group is stronger motivation than National Novel Writing Month. Happily I finished said chapter this morning.

Maybe a more realistic goal is to finish my novel before next year’s NaNoWriMo competition. While I’m dreaming, maybe I’ll finish 5000 words next year!

Did you NaNo this year? Any winners out there?

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