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September Numbered

September’s gone and the holiday season is officially beginning around here.  We pulled the Halloween decorations out of the closet yesterday.  Hopefully we’ll get them up today.  My house will be be decorated from now until January.  Before I embrace the October, I’ll sum up the month past.

1 – Super fun meeting for our new book club.

2 – Books read.  Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders and  I finally finished the Old Testament.

2.2 – Pounds gained!  I’m so disappointed, but it’s understandable with all my snacking trying to stay awake while reading hours worth of a dry nutrition text book.  Ironic, I know.

3 – Family history names checked for accuracy.

4 – Articles written for Arizona Mama and The Homemaking Cottage.  That nutrition class ate into my writing time too.

8 – Chapters read in my nutrition text book.

9 – Nutrition labs completed.

10Challenge projects completed.

11 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People.  Granted that wasn’t all my doing, but I’m still excited to see our collection grow.

12 – Scrapbook layouts completed.

20 – Nutrition assignments completed.

1541 – Page views.  I’m surprised at how many are still from my old domain.

There are way too many school related numbers for September!  Only a couple more weeks left until my life can get back to “normal”. How did your month add up?


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Friday Favorites: September 23

I have lots of favorites this week, and that’s not even including the fact that Halloween is coming.  Yeah fall!

  • Our first book club!
  • I finally posted our photography challenge entries.  Please vote.  We tried doing it ourselves, but we all just voted for ourselves and it was a four way tie.
  • The A.B.C. Murders – I finished another Agatha Christie book this week.  I didn’t actually read the entire book this week; I started it at the beginning of this month.  Now I’m reading The Host, I’m not sure if it’s a favorite yet.

There’s even more fun stuff in the wonderful world of blogs!

  • The new issue of Party Dress Magazine is ready for your viewing pleasure.
  • I’ve been learning about 72 hour kits for over 20 years and I thought I pretty much had it down.  Everyday Food Storage shares why we should include nylons in our 72 hour kits!
  • I love this sketch for cards or scrapbooks from Got Sketch? I had to pin the first sample.
  • My daughter is writing for Arizona Mama!  See how she rescued a cute shirt with a stain into another cute project.

What are your plans for the first weekend of fall?

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Friday Favorites: August 19

It’s been a busy week, but yesterday’s fun made up for the stress and drama.

  • There’s a new etsy shop in the family selling Mother’s Pin Necklaces.  If you have a Cub or Boy Scout, this is a perfect place to keep and display all those Mother’s Pins your Scout earns.
  • Lunch with friends always brightens up a week.
  • Monsoon season.  We enjoyed the pounding rain, hurricane winds and even a little hail.  My kiddos were drenched after playing in it for a few minutes.

There’s some exciting things in the Blogosphere too!

Share your favorite of the day!

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