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May 2016 in the Books

May 2016 is in the books and it was a crazy month full of tests! My last CPCU test, and the kids had AP tests and finals. Here’s to remembering how to relax this summer.May Trunk Makeover

-.2 – Pounds  in May

2 – Blog posts, including my first attempt at a makeover of a piece of furniture

1 – Book read, but it was a for fun book – The Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

May gifts3 – Pieces of new luggage and succulents, thanks to my thoughtful kiddos

7 – Social events, there were some serious celebrating this month

9 – Friends at a celebration dinner at Abuelos

15 – Projects completed, including a couple of steps to some new blog projects in the works

24 – Workouts this month

32 – Photos on Instagram in MayMay Minion

582 – Just Wanna Be Me page views

117,397 – Pinterest impressions

Now that May is the books, it’s on to June with all of it’s adventures and challenges. I’m plugging along on my goals for 2016, how about you?

Top Posts of May 2016

  1. Book Theme Party
  2. Humilty Family Home Evening
  3. Spiritual Thoughts Family Home Evening
  4. Pizza Nachos
  5. Summer Goals
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Coffee Table Trunk Makeover

Trunk MakeoverI’ve had this wooden white trunk since I was a kid. It’s been my coffee table for the last three years. The problem with a wooden box as a coffee table is it’s a pretty hard on my heels when I prop up my feet. I finally remedied the situation by adding a cushion top and dressing it up with some style. I wish I would have remembered to take a before picture.

I started with some cute fabric with cool skeleton keys printed on it, because I love keys. As cute as the fabric was, the background was too light for my room. So, I tea stained it in a huge pot filled with boiling water and 40 tea bags for about 15 minutes.

Trunk MakeoverThe next part required some serious muscle grease in sanding down the trunk to bare wood and making it nice and smooth. Then I added a couple of coats of paint to the base. I covered the top with 2″ foam and wrapped the tea stained fabric around it and stapled it securely to the inside of the lid. If I had it to do again, I would have cut the foam to be slightly bigger than the top of the trunk. I also would have added a thin layer of batting along with the fabric to add a little more padding around the edges.

I’m pretty happy with how first furniture makeover turned out. The trunk is unique and matches my decor. And I got to learn a few new techniques along the way. I have plenty of decorating projects on the planning board, but I’ll have to find another furniture project.

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Key Wall Decor

I’ve had a thing for keys lately. Especially old skeleton keys. A couple of months ago I hit the key jackpot on a creative excursion to Hobby Lobby. This key wall decor will go perfectly on my “key to my heart” collage wall.Key wall decor

  • I started with this cool chipboard key.
  • Then i used my rub-on metallics. With my fingers I rubbed on six different colors to create depth and an aged look.
  • You can also use a cloth or sponge applicators.
  • Don’t forget to cover the edges and inside the circles.
  • I used a make up sponge to get into the small nooks and crannies.
  • These rub-on metallics don’t really dry. So be sure to cover with a artist’s fixative!

This is not a complicated project, nor a terribly time consuming one. But it was fun to make and I love the finished product! Now to figure out where to hang it.Key Wall Decor - After

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September 2015 Review

September 2015 was the hardest and saddest month I’ve had in a long time! I knew I’d have a hard time with my daughter going to college but it was still more than I bargained for with the empty house. In addition to the time alone, I’m trying to learn what brings me peace now that I don’t spend so much of my life taking care of my children. But that is another post for a future date. On a more cheerful note, here’s a review of last month’s accomplishments from September.

September card-3 – The number of words added to my book (or in this case the sum total of words edited out)

.2 – Pounds gained, it’s a good thing I started working out the last couple of weeks

1 – Birthday card made, I haven’t done that in a while

2 – Books read including Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

2.5 – Hours cruising Canyon Lake with my honey

Wheel on the wall5 – Days on antibiotics to kick a nasty case of bronchitis

10 – Mini signs on the bicycle wheel on my wall

16 – Pictures on Instagram

18 – Projects finished in September

32 – Construction paper spiders on my kitchen wall to celebrate Halloween

$100 – Gift card to Kneaders that I won!

445 – Just Wanna Be Me pageviews

49,987Pinterest views

Top Just Wanna Be Me Posts for September

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