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Hallmark Giveaway Winner!

Hallmark Cards GiveawayThanks to all of you who left great comments about encouraging children and entering the Hallmark giveaway. One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing ideas and encouraging each other, especially in the realm of mommyhood. I do my best day in and day out, but often it like I’m not getting anywhere or that I’m not effective in teaching my children. But here, we can share our successes and remind each other that we’re not alone.

Enough of the sappy stuff and on to the winner. Let’s have a big hand for Shooting Stars Mag! Please email me your address and I’ll have your cards and snazzy Text Bands heading your way.

I hope you are all settling into your school year routine. We’re had a good start and are just making our final adjustment to our routine – for a few weeks at least! Please share your tips for making the transition smooth as possible.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and thanks to Hallmark for providing the prize.

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Back to School Encouragement Giveaway

I remember being so excited and anxious on back to school eve, I often felt a little nauseous. It was kind of like Christmas, but with a lot more people and no gifts. I’m not sure my kiddos get anxious like I do, but I know they get excited. I don’t have a hard time getting them up on time for school. There’s a thrill that comes with the first day of school. If your children are excited, anxious or even dreading the new school year; it’s important for us as parents to listen, support and encourage them.

Hallmark was one of the sponsors at this year’s evo conference. Their suite was so much fun they had two walls of cards for us to send to our children, with messages ranging from ‘I love you’ to ‘great job’ to ‘let’s have fun together’. I liked finding the card that fit each child’s personality. Hallmark went out of their way to create a family friendly environment and helped us all to look forward to spending time with our families after our playtime was over!


I’m excited to share some of that fun with you! Hallmark has been kind enough to offer the following to one my lucky, US resident readers:

Entering is simple; leave a comment with your favorite way to let your children know how special they are to you. Contest ends Saturday, August 25 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Monday.

I have not been compensated for this post. Hallmark is providing the prize and all opinions are my own.

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Friday Favorites: August 10

Yeah it’s Friday! Weekends are such a nice way to end good weeks. I can’t wait to share my favorites with you – so I won’t.

  • Lunch with a friend at Joe’s Farm Grill. I love the BBQ Chicken Pizza!
  • Our Pack had it’s annual planning meeting. We’re going to have a great year! I’m especially looking forward to our upcoming circus theme.
  • I finished several cleaning projects this week. The work might not have been my favorite, but I like having a clean fridge!
  • I finished reading Sherlock Holmes.
  • We tried a couple of new recipes – homemade pot stickers and tamales. The pot stickers were more work than the ones I buy at Costco, but they have potential to be amazing. I’d help someone assemble tamales again, but I don’t think I’ll be heading up that big of a project anytime soon!
  • The winner of the book Mission Possible is Beth from OMG! Yummy. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I can’t not share my favorites from the blogosphere too!

  • Nathan Bransford started a great conversation about book reviews getting to nice. Do you think honesty is being sacrificed for nice?
  • I love that Hillary Weeks’ husband is a good sport and gets a pedicure with his girls.
  • I’ve done pretty well this week with cutting back on treats (only 3 so far!), but Bakers Royal is testing my resolve with her Snickers Coffee Cake.

What are your favorites today?

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Friday Favorites: August 3

Happy August! Arizona started off the month with a flash – or several flash floods! We weren’t personally affected, but we see the results as we drive to school. It’s cool to see Mother Nature’s power, but it can be a little scary. So parts of the storm are included in my favorites. Here’s the rest of my favorites.

Other favorites I found online:

  • Blogust – What to save a life simply by leaving a comment? Shot@Life is running a campaign for the month of August with 31 different bloggers. For every comment left on the hosting blogger’s site, $20 will be donated to help immunize a child in a developing nation. I urge you to leave a comment a month and make a life-saving difference in the world!
  • Positively Splendid shares a touching first day of school experience that is worth the read.
  • Are you planning on photographing a newborn anytime soon? I Heart Faces has some great tips to keep those babies happy.
  • Even though I’ve been extremely disciplined and have only had one treat since Monday, these Reeses Rice Krispie Treats from Bakers Royale are tempting and beautiful. (There’s something I never thought I’d say!)

What’s your favorite today? Is it something fun or is it something meaningful?

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