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Friday Favorites: September 9

Happy, happy Friday!  It’s been a busy week with too much homework.  We shouldn’t have to do the same amount of work with a shorter week.  But we’ve managed to squeeze in some fun too.

  • Badminton – we set up the net on Labor day and had some outdoor family fun!
  • Burritos – my daughter invited us over for dinner.  She already started putting up Halloween decorations.  I usually wait until October, but I might do it earlier this year to encourage the fall weather to arrive.
  • Beans, green beans – (I figured I’d stay with B’s) I have three little green bean plants hanging on; one of them actually flowered and has tiny bean growing.

The Blogosphere has some cool stuff too!

  • Bird’s Party Fall Magazine – Celebrations at Home shares the latest issue, that she happened to contribute to the Halloween table.  This is a beautiful magazine with amazing tablescapes!
  • Spider and Owl Krispie Treats – I had a hard time cutting Rice Krispie Treats before, but Cookie and Cups little cuties make it worth trying again!
  • Storybook Recipes – I love The Mother Huddle’s series of recipes to go with books.  Check out her Wagon Wheel Pizzas!
  • Free Font Friday – Creating Keepsakes gives you the CK Girl download.
  • Families – Celebrate Family with Chocolate on my Cranium as she kicks off a two week celebration on the subject.
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Friday Favorites: July 15

It’s been a big week for our family as we entered a new stage of life!

  • My favorite of the week (OK, the year) is being a grandma!  So much fun and way less pain involved than becoming a mother.
  • Settling back into being at home; including my sleeping in my own bed and using my own shower.  It’s the little things that comfort me.
  • My awesome neighbor taught me I should have harvested my lettuce sooner; that’s why it tasted bitter.  Then she showed me how to harvest the seeds.  I’m ready to try again after the summer heat breaks!

There’s other cool things going on in the blog world too.

  • I love this all purpose card at Think Fast.
  • Check out these black and white parfaits Celebrations at Home shared.
  • I Heart Faces has a great post about cake smash photography.  I started reading Your Baby in Pictures by Me Ra Koh.  The post and the book go well together.  I was fortunate to hear Me Ra Koh speak at evo ’11.  I enjoyed hearing her inspiring story.  It was empowering to realize creativity, in all its forms, is therapeutic. It helps us to make sense of the world around us and our place in it.  I’ve always enjoyed photography, and now its more meaningful to give it a purpose and direction through my children and grandchild.

What are you loving this fine Friday?

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Lettuce Harvets – and Carrots Too!

Now that the full summer heat is here, the lettuce sprouted flowers and is getting a little tough.  I realized I don’t know when I’m supposed to harvest my little garden. This morning I picked the biggest leaves. There was enough for last night’s Taco Salad dinner. We had to comb the leaves carefully to make sure we didn’t eat any green caterpillars.   

I thinned the carrots and pulled the ones that fell and were growing between the lettuces.  They still need more time to grow, but it’s exciting to see (and eat) those little beauties!

We have a lot to learn about growing a more productive garden, but I’d say our growing experiment was  a success – even if our potatoes died suddenly and I don’t know why.  The green beans are still growing so we might get a handful of those out of the deal too.  I’m excited to try again after the heat passes.

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Friday Favorites: May 27

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  One of the kiddos has a birthday party to go to, and of coarse there are other things we want to do, but not too much that we have to do.  It’s a nice change!  Here are today’s other favorites.

  • Sarah’s Quilt – I am loving this series.  It is so easy to slip into her life!
  • A clean desk – I wonder how long I can keep it clean?  Maybe I can make progress on the rest of the house.
  • My garden – It’s still growing.  I’m looking forward to eating from my garden, but I am getting so much satisfaction from watching it grow in the meantime.
  • Awards – I’m pleased with how well my children are doing in school and for the various awards they have received for their hard work.

There’s some cool things going on some of my favorite blogs too.

What are your favorites this Memorial Day Weekend?  I guess for those of you outside the U.S., it’s just an ordinary weekend. 

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