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Slices of January

2012 is one twelfth over!  How did your year start off?  I have ups and downs, but I’ve mostly stayed on track.  Here’s how my January was sliced.

1 book read, but I’m in the middle of four others.  Hopefully next month will look better.

1.8 pounds lost!  Logging my food and drinking lots of water has helped make progress on this goal.

2 recipes added to Real Food for Real People.  That’s twice as many as last month, which sounds much better than two.

6 articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including my latest Stop, Start and Continue.

12 challenge projects completed.

19 blog posts written.

29 days recording my food.  Only 16 of them made it on the website that calculates the number of calories, but even that is better than my goal of two times per week.

56 names added to my PAF file.

64 fortune cookies for our Chinese New Year Pack Meeting.

746 page views!

How did your month stack up?  Are you still working on those New Year’s goals?


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Family Home Evening: Family History

Our family home evening lesson on family history was prepared by one of my younger kiddos.  She had the following list of questions.  The answers we came up with are in parenthesis.

  • What is family history? (The history of our family.  Clever – no?)
  • Why do we do family history? (So we can learn more about our ancestors and where we come from; and we can perform their temple work.)
  • What are some of the consequences of family history? (Blessings; having a forever family; more love for our family; to see if we are related to “important” people.)  I personally think they are all important, even if they are not famous.
  • What do you do after you find a family member? (Temple work)  It also makes it easier to find the next person up the tree or to the side.

She also made the point that even if you aren’t working on your own family history, there are other ways to be involved in family history work.  Elder Bednar shared information about a new website that is specifically geared to helping our youth be involved in family history.

Our activity was a card game I played with my dad’s family when I was a kid called Mille Bornes.  Our treat was Blonde Brownies.

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Slices of 2011

The New Year always proves what a nerd I am; I love comparing my list of goals with how I really did.  I also love top ten whatevers from the previous year.  Hopefully you don’t get too sick of my lists this week!  Here’s how I sliced 2011.

1/2 – Young Woman Value completed.  Hopefully I’ll finish the other half this year!

1 – Pound gained, much better than last year’s 12 pounds gained and pretty close to my maintaining goal.  As I looked back, I noticed I lost 2 inches in my hips so I’m pretty satisfied.  I’ve decided to work harder at turning those numbers around and losing 10 pounds this year.  I’m going to continue working out and be more diligent about tracking my food intake.

10 – Nights spent away from home with a trip to Utah for a family visit, EFY and evo ’11.  I’m into making the most out of our vacations!

17 – Memories recorded.  My goal was 25, I’ll try for 20 this year.

19 – Trips to the temple.  One more trip than last year and one less than my goal.  I’ll stick to my goal of 20 trips this year.

26 – Recipes on our Real Food for Real People blog.

31 – Books read.  One more than my goal.  I’ll try for 32 this year.

46  – Names checked for accuracy on PAF (Personal Ancestral File).  I exceeded my goal, so I’ll shoot for 50 this year.

82 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

89 – Scrapbook layouts completed.  I finished scrapbooking 2010 at the end of November, just making my goal.

170 – Names added to my PAF.

$287 – Value of the cool prizes I won in 2010.

294 – Blog posts.

$511 – Value of swag received from evo ’11.

13896 – Page views in 2010.

I feel much better about my year when I look at it that way!  How did your year stack up?

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September Numbered

September’s gone and the holiday season is officially beginning around here.  We pulled the Halloween decorations out of the closet yesterday.  Hopefully we’ll get them up today.  My house will be be decorated from now until January.  Before I embrace the October, I’ll sum up the month past.

1 – Super fun meeting for our new book club.

2 – Books read.  Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders and  I finally finished the Old Testament.

2.2 – Pounds gained!  I’m so disappointed, but it’s understandable with all my snacking trying to stay awake while reading hours worth of a dry nutrition text book.  Ironic, I know.

3 – Family history names checked for accuracy.

4 – Articles written for Arizona Mama and The Homemaking Cottage.  That nutrition class ate into my writing time too.

8 – Chapters read in my nutrition text book.

9 – Nutrition labs completed.

10Challenge projects completed.

11 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People.  Granted that wasn’t all my doing, but I’m still excited to see our collection grow.

12 – Scrapbook layouts completed.

20 – Nutrition assignments completed.

1541 – Page views.  I’m surprised at how many are still from my old domain.

There are way too many school related numbers for September!  Only a couple more weeks left until my life can get back to “normal”. How did your month add up?


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