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Friday Favorites: December 7

Happy December! It’s finally here. This is my favorite season of the year with all the Christmas movies and stories. I can’t forget to give you a rundown of this week’s favorites.Christmas favorites

  • Christmas count down chains – only 18 days left!
  • A competitive weekend – I had kids involved in a math competition and one in a science competition.
  • The Christmas devotional
  • Writing group
  • Band concert
  • Boy Scout Round Table – This month was a showcase of great ideas and programs!
  • I finished reading two Christmas books, Lost December and The Perfect Christmas.

Here’s some online favorites from this week too.

  • I still have NaNoWriMo on the brain. These writing tips from East Valley Writes are inspirational.
  • Looking for a new cookie to try? Two Peas and their Pod have a Browned Butter Snickerdoodle that sounds delicious!
  • Do you like to give books as gifts as much as I do? Shannon Hale has her top reads of the year.
  • I {Heart} Faces has some tips for taking holiday photos.

Now it’s your turn to share your favorites of the week!


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Friday Favorites: October 26

I can’t believe I haven’t shared my favorites since the beginning of October! I blame it on Bloggy Boot Camp. I lost a Friday traveling and then another Friday recuperating. Actually, I’m still working on the recuperating thing. There’s so much information in my brain, I’m having a hard time implementing it all. Maybe if those darn kiddos would stop wanting to eat and have me take them places like school, I could get it all done. Yeah, I don’t see that happening either; which is good because I like to eat and hang out with them too.

So let’s assume that my favorites for the last two weeks was Bloggy Boot Camp and move on to the favorites from this week.

  • Movie favorites

    Last weekend, the kiddos went a couple of different directions and I had the house all to my self – for the whole night! I had grand plans of all the writing I was going to do along with a dozen other projects, instead I vegged out and watched movies all night. Not the ones pictured: I went the chick flick route. I felt decadently lazy, but we all need that sometimes right?

  • I helped train a few Cub Scout leaders. I love it when good leaders are willing to sacrifice their time for training!
  • My daughter and I made these cute bat invitations!
  • My writing group had it’s own little social media conference. I got to share some of my new knowledge from Bloggy Boot Camp.

I’m not the only one having fun this week. Here’s some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

  • Won’t be home to answer the door for the trick or treaters? Try Monzanita’s cute ghost to do it for you.
  • I need to make a treat for a party tonight. Maybe I’ll try I Heart Nap Time’s Candy Corn Popcorn.
  • Now that Halloween’s almost here, it’s time to think about Thanksgiving. Tip Junkie has a great printable list of ways to celebrate!

Don’t be shy, share your week’s favorites!


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Thank You Food Storage!

Food storageRecently we had a scare that our water was contaminated with e coli (yuck!). We were told to drink bottled water or boil it first. We were encouraged to not even use the water for rinsing our toothbrushes and I heard some debate about if we should use it to wash our hands and bodies. A few days later we were told the test declaring our water undrinkable was a false positive. The whole process was inconvenient, but I’m grateful that we have a decent start on our food storage – including water.

Food wasn’t an issue, but obviously water was. I was at our church building when I heard about the situation. I’m grateful I could pull one of our cases of water bottles out of my storage and load up the fridge. I needed to go to the store the next day and I decided to get another case or two, just in case the problem lasted a while. The shelves were empty!

I’m grateful for church leaders that warn and guide us to navigate life’s challenges, from contaminated water to a slew of spiritual situations. I’m glad my pantry is stocked as well as it is, but I have plenty of room for improvement. I hope our water scare will motivate us to be more diligent in following a prophet’s council. Costco run anyone?

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Family Home Evening: Service

This week’s family home evening was a little more normal because we started using our new chart and assignment rotation. family home evening service

Opening Song: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam


Scripture: Matthew 18:23-35

Lesson: Service

What is service? Things people do for me. Oh wait, we’re talking about serving others. So that would be things we do for others that is often a sacrifice.

Why do we do service? We serve people because we love them and want to help them. Sometimes we serve for the blessings that come from serving.

When do we serve? Any time.

Where do we serve? Any place.

Who can we serve? Any one.

How do we serve? Service can be almost any action – giving rides, cooking cleaning, visiting. It’s usually in the small things, but can be in the big things like saving someone’s life. I shared part of Mike Rowe’s talk at the 2012 National Annual Meeting for the BSA. He shared the conversation where he learned his brother had saved someone’s life. Service is doing the small stuff everyday. It’s also about be prepared and willing to do the big stuff when necessary.

Service is important to LDS people – It’s something we are known for. A recent study showed that LDS people donate more money and time per capita than other religions. I’m grateful for Jesus’ example of love and service and it’s reassuring to associate with those who put their money (and time) where their mouths are, not only because they are living with integrity. We are happy when we serve and I like hanging out with happy people.

Activity: Spoons

Closing Song: Popcorn Popping


Treat: Ice cream

How do you teach your family to serve?

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