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Slices of September

Can you believe 2012 is 3/4 of the way over? I guess if you judged by the Christmas trees in the stores, you’d September is time to decoratethink it was even further along! But have no fear, you still have 85 shopping days until Christmas. So let’s see how September sliced up.

0 – Days logging food.

.2 – Pounds gained. I wonder if there is a correlation between that and not logging my food?

4 – Books read, including The Dragonfly Pool.

6 – Scrapbook layouts finished. I’m so far behind on my goal of finishing last year’s pictures by the end of next month. Anyone up for a scrapbook night?

7 – Articles written. Check out my latest, Fall Fun at the Park.

9Projects completed. Most of them were books I read. Where did the month go?

19 – Blog posts.

24French Toast Cupcakes made for a church activity.

1112 – Page views! Another record month, thanks to you.

3715 – Words added to my book.

Top 5 posts for September

  1. Book Theme Decorations
  2. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  3. Sweet Shop / Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  4. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision
  5. Family Photography Challenge

How did your September slice up?

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Friday Favorites: September 21

Welcome to the first official day of autumn! I guess it’s time to get some motivation to put up some fall decorations. Or I could share this week’s favorites instead.Pie favorites

  •  My daughter delivered my Halloween costume. What could be easier than throwing on an Angry Birds hat?
  • Another daughter and I made our first Lemon Meringue Pie. Yummy and dangerous to my weight loss efforts!
  • I finished Caribbean Crossing by Connie E. Sokol. I’ll be reviewing it soon.
  • We have one vote on our Photography Challenge, but we’d love more.

Since my week was pretty low key (although getting the oil change was pretty exciting), I found more excitement at some of favorite websites.

  • Booking Mama gave me another book to add to my to-read list. Not that I really need that list to be longer, but you know how it goes.
  • We have a long list of taco and pizza variations, but this Pizza Quesadilla from Blog Chef sounds like a great combination of the two.
  • With Halloween just around the corner, these Patchwork Pumpkins from Positively Splendid would be a great addition to any decor.
  • I love Poco Cosa’s book initials, even though it seems a little cannibalistic for a book lover to destroy books like this.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorites!

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Friday Favorites: July 28

Farewell July! You came and went like a forest fire – hot and fast. On this last Friday of July, here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Writing workshop – Last Saturday I went to a workshop taught by Janette Rallison. I’ll share details soon.
  • Social media buttons – I figured out how to add those cuties at the top of my side bar! I need to tweak the size and the email one doesn’t work, but I’m making progress. Thanks to Something Swanky for the awesome tutorial!
  • Book Club – We discussed Selected Stories by Phillip K. Dick. I only finished about a quarter of the book. Too little time and so many books. Short stories are kind of hard; after each one I think I’m done, but I’m not.
  • Hanging out with my girls – We had a blast hanging out, talking about books and other silly things.
  • Mission Possible – I started reading another new book (I know, I need to finish one instead of continually start new one). This book is so inspiring – it makes me want to become a teacher and change the world!

There are a couple of cool favorites from the web too!

  • I totally need to make this Sock Monkey from Little Birdie Secrets. It would make someone’s Christmas!
  • Galley Cat shared what a Texas town did with an unused Wal-Mart.

Share your favorites of the week!

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Friday Favorites: July 20

Where did July go? Wasn’t the Forth of July just a couple of days ago? I don’t how 10 days went by without a post. In my defense, we had a family vacation and recovering from the vacation. At least I have lots of favorites to share.

  • Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum – When we went to the Lowell Observatory, we bought a year pass that worked at several other museums. This was a good deal with the two places we’ve been in Arizona,and the three places we went to in Utah, it was an amazing deal!
  • Clark Planetarium – They have a free exhibit and an IMAX theater.
  • Thanksgiving Point – There are four exhibits in one. My favorite was the garden. We were very entertained feeding the Koi fish.
  • A family picnic
  • evo ’12 – Once again I learned a ton and hung out with awesome people! Be sure to read my evo post at Arizona Mama.
  • A new clothes washer. It was hard to catch up on the laundry from our trip – especially when the washer died mid load! I’m happy to report that we are all wearing clean clothes again!

I also been finding some favorites online too!

Keep me in the loop! What are your favorites this fine Friday?

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