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Slices of October

Ready to talk turkey? I’m not! I still feels like school just started, even though we spent last night walking around the neighborhood begging for candy trick or treating. Maybe reflecting on how I sliced October will help me come to grips that it’s over.October invites

1 – Day at Bloggy Boot Camp.

2 – Books read. I barely finished One Thousand Gifts yesterday morning.

2 – Scrapbook layouts. To reach my goal of finishing 2011, I only have 57 layouts to do this month. Yeah, it’s not looking good.

2 – Days logging my food. I don’t know why I’m being so lazy with this!

2.2 – Pounds lost! Maybe its OK to be lazy with logging my food if I cut way back on sweets. I was so good last night and only had one piece of the kids candy.

6 – Articles written, including Flight Activities for Kids.

13 – Bat invitations made.

14 – Projects completed. Several were inspired from Bloggy Boot Camp.October states

15 – Blog posts.

27 – Countries represented by visiting my blog in October.

48 – States represented; Nebraska, where are you?

1105 – Page views.

2997 – Words added to my book. I’m hoping to do much better than that for NaNoWriMo!

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts in October

  1. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  2. Sweet Shop / Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  3. Raingutter Regatta
  4. Book Theme Party Decorations
  5. FHE: Articles of Faith

How did your month go? I’d love to hear how you sliced up your October!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Candy Day! I mean, Happy Halloween! Come on, who are we kidding? Today is all about dressing up to get people to give our kids candy, so we can eat it for them. That’s what good parents do – eat their kids Halloween candy to protect them from the evils of all that sugar! Right?Halloween dinner

Besides dressing up and eating candy, we have a few other traditions at our house.

  • Carve the pumpkins on Halloween. They rot quickly here in Arizona. I suggested carving them over the weekend and trying the tips to keep them longer, but the kiddos said no.
  • Eat a Mummy Dinner. This year it’s dogs.
  • Trick or Treat as late as we can. Apparently there weren’t too many kids around last year; we stayed out late enough that on guy gave us the rest of his candy so he could shut off the light and go to bed.
  • All this work, so I can re-purpose some of it for Christmas.

We’ve done a few non-candy related things in the past.

This year we made plastic bag ghosts and toilet paper roll bat party favors. (I would have painted the party favors, but if someone else is doing the work, they can do it however they like!)Halloween party favor

How are you spending Halloween?

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Homemade Owl Costume

Owl CostumeMy daughter has been on an owl kick lately, so it was no surprise she wanted to be an owl for Halloween. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a cute idea of how to make her owl costume at Alphamom.

Did I mention I love having older kiddos? I showed her the picture and she chose the fabrics, cut them out and sewed them her self. I gave her a little guidance with the sewing (and a rebellious thread tension setting), and she finished before our Halloween parties last weekend.

I also like how we are birds of a feather – her with her owl costume and me with my Angry Birds Hat. We also have a couple of featherless costumes; an assassin (Nerf style), Kora from Avatar, the cutest Army boy ever, and Ruby from Once Upon a Time.

What are you and your kids dressing up as this Halloween?

Linked to Tuesday Talent Show.

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Friday Favorites: October 26

I can’t believe I haven’t shared my favorites since the beginning of October! I blame it on Bloggy Boot Camp. I lost a Friday traveling and then another Friday recuperating. Actually, I’m still working on the recuperating thing. There’s so much information in my brain, I’m having a hard time implementing it all. Maybe if those darn kiddos would stop wanting to eat and have me take them places like school, I could get it all done. Yeah, I don’t see that happening either; which is good because I like to eat and hang out with them too.

So let’s assume that my favorites for the last two weeks was Bloggy Boot Camp and move on to the favorites from this week.

  • Movie favorites

    Last weekend, the kiddos went a couple of different directions and I had the house all to my self – for the whole night! I had grand plans of all the writing I was going to do along with a dozen other projects, instead I vegged out and watched movies all night. Not the ones pictured: I went the chick flick route. I felt decadently lazy, but we all need that sometimes right?

  • I helped train a few Cub Scout leaders. I love it when good leaders are willing to sacrifice their time for training!
  • My daughter and I made these cute bat invitations!
  • My writing group had it’s own little social media conference. I got to share some of my new knowledge from Bloggy Boot Camp.

I’m not the only one having fun this week. Here’s some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

  • Won’t be home to answer the door for the trick or treaters? Try Monzanita’s cute ghost to do it for you.
  • I need to make a treat for a party tonight. Maybe I’ll try I Heart Nap Time’s Candy Corn Popcorn.
  • Now that Halloween’s almost here, it’s time to think about Thanksgiving. Tip Junkie has a great printable list of ways to celebrate!

Don’t be shy, share your week’s favorites!


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