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Beach Party at Home

Beach Party InviteWhile cruising the aisles of a home decor store for my artist date, the fun beach themed dishes inspired me to host a beach party for my good friend’s birthday. By mid-June, Arizona’s not a place for outdoor parties so I brought the decorations inside.

No party is complete without invitations. I stamped these cute postcard style beauties.

I took my budding ideas where all good party planners go – Pinterest. Time and money helped restrain me from going absolutely crazy and transforming my entire house to a beach look. Time and money also kept me from doing some great, reasonable ideas too. But I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish.

First up, I got crafty and made this cool welcome sign for my front door. The how-to will have to wait for an upcoming blog post.Beach Party Welcome

Next up was a creative excursion to Hobby Lobby where I found the perfect (and affordable) plates with a bonus sign to add to my travel themed front room.Beach Party Plates

Then I went crazy with free printables I also found on Pinterest. I lined a couple of empty walls, one in the entry way and the other in the kitchen. I also added another grouping in the family room.Beach Party Collage

Finally, I pulled it all together with couple of fishing nets and a few lanterns.Beach Party

We kept the menu simple with BBQ burgers and hot dogs, potato salad, grilled pineapple, chips and these cute cupcakes.Beach Party Cupcakes

We had fun and the birthday girl enjoyed her special day. The decorations were so fun, I decided to leave them up all summer long. I could think of worse things to look at for the rest of the summer. I’d love to hear about your summer celebrations!

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March 2016 in the Books

With the end of March, 2016 is a quarter of the way through. I had to pull out my 2016 goals and check my progress. I’m well on my way to 7 of my goals, 2 are a little questionable and 1 I missed but I’m hoping to compensate in another way.

0 – Look Mom, no cavities! I’m not sure she cares as much now that she’s not paying for my dental expenses, but it’s still nice to hear every six months.

March 2016 craft1 – Pound gained in March. I’m really tired of this gaining thing, but I’m glad I slowed down from the last couple of months. I started making myself do 10 seconds of plank for every .1 pound I gained everyday. Assuming that strategy helped me not gain as much weight, I’m upping the anti this month. There are signs of hope so far in April.

1 – Blog post. This is the 2016 goal I missed, at least 2 posts per month. But I’ve posted 8 times so far this year (not counting this one), so that averages to more than 2 posts a month. I need to take it where I can get it.

2 – Books read, including The Good Wife Strikes Back by Elizabeth Buchan.

3 – God’s eyes, we had a throwback to my childhood craft day.

4 – Hours of fun at Main Event, I was brave and tried the ropes coarse! Which was so terrifying one little girl was clinging to the ropes crying, while her family stood on solid ground 20 feet below pressuring her to cross these wobbly ropes. After my son and I coaxed her across through her tears, I had to do it too.

March 2016 Candy8 – Social events, two of the events didn’t completely revolve around food. Of the ones that did revolve around food, one was at an old favorite and another was a new to me.

9 – Projects completed, including everyone’s favorite – taxes.

12 – Different kinds of candy brought by the Easter Bunny.

25 – Workouts this month, one of my goals I’m doing well on.

31 – Photos on Instagram

311 – Words added to my book.

446 – Just Wanna Be Me page views, mostly from Russia.

45310 – Pinterest views.

Top Posts of March 2016

  1. Book Theme Party
  2. Sense of Self
  3. Beatitudes Family Home Evening
  4. Native American Blue and Gold
  5. Palm Sunday Family Home Evening
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Key Wall Decor

I’ve had a thing for keys lately. Especially old skeleton keys. A couple of months ago I hit the key jackpot on a creative excursion to Hobby Lobby. This key wall decor will go perfectly on my “key to my heart” collage wall.Key wall decor

  • I started with this cool chipboard key.
  • Then i used my rub-on metallics. With my fingers I rubbed on six different colors to create depth and an aged look.
  • You can also use a cloth or sponge applicators.
  • Don’t forget to cover the edges and inside the circles.
  • I used a make up sponge to get into the small nooks and crannies.
  • These rub-on metallics don’t really dry. So be sure to cover with a artist’s fixative!

This is not a complicated project, nor a terribly time consuming one. But it was fun to make and I love the finished product! Now to figure out where to hang it.Key Wall Decor - After

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Friday Favorites: March 29

Happy Good Friday! It’s a good Friday here for many reasons, including posting my Friday Favorites on Friday two weeks in a row.

  • A family dinner filled with yummy food, delicious chocolate cake and good company!Favorite kite
  • A fun coin toss fundraiser at our last Cub Scout Pack Meeting.
  • Yogurt with a friend.
  • After a detour with a short story, I started working on my book again. As i read over parts of previous chapters, looking for details to support what I was writing, I kept thinking how much I like the story. I’m totally excited to work on it again!
  • On that note, ANWA had a WOW (week of writing). I’ve added 323 words so far this week.
  • My Paper Bag Kite article over at Arizona Mama.
  • I ‘hard-boiled’ eggs in the oven. It simplified the process. The kiddos were commenting they like the other way better, but I’m not sure why. I’ll let you know next week if they taste just as good.
  • Dying Easter Eggs is always fun. I just wish I could start earlier in the evening, but I wish that every year.
  • Today I finished reading Airman by Eoin Colfer and we had our family book club for the book. I didn’t cut it close, I had hours to spare!

How has your week been? Are you as excited about Easter as we are? As excited as I am about Easter, I’m going to sneak in another hundred words or so on my book while everyone else is occupied!

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