Ship Out of Luck Book Review

Not only did I finally finish a book, but I’m actually getting to the book review in a somewhat timely manner! This review is about the young adult book, Ship Out of Luck by Neal Shusterman.

Ship out of Luck book review


In honor of Old Man Crawley’s eightieth birthday, the Bonano family has been invited to celebrate with a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean aboard the world’s largest, grandest ship. But whether on land or at sea, Antsy can’t manage to stay out of trouble: He quickly finds himself the accomplice of stowaway and thief Tilde, whose self-made mission it is to smuggle onto the ship and across the U.S. border illegal immigrants from her native Mexico. When Antsy steps in to take the fall for Tilde, he becomes the focus of a major international incident and the poster child for questionable decisions. {Amazon}

 I liked the plot of Ship Out of Luck, and the many twists in the story line. The characters are interesting, but I felt that Antsy’s behavior was inconsistent. I had a hard time keeping up with the swing between his immaturity to his surprisingly vast knowledge of trivia and ‘mature’ view on life. He sounded like a teenager through the eyes of a middle aged man. I know I’m overly sensitive of what I want my kiddos reading, but there were some descriptions and social commentary that I’m not comfortable offering up to my children.

Besides the interesting story, Antsy had some witty lines. When Antsy was talking to Howie, his accident pr

one friend, he said, “You’ll just have to cross that bridge when you fall from it.”  My other favorite line is when Antsy’s sister Christina came back from her snorkeling trip, “I found Nemo,” she told him. “Like fourteen thousand times.”

I would like to thank Media Masters for providing me a copy of Ship Out of Luck.

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