Friday Favorites: February 8

So it’s been almost a month since my last Friday Favorites. There’s been too much life going on to take the time to write it down here. Let’s not even talk about the 1000 unread items in my RSS feed. I’m hoping to figure out a way to balance my new responsibilities with my goals. Until then, here’s a quick recap of this week’s favorites.

  • Working – Even though I’m struggling to adjust my Favorite Writing workshopschedule; I’m grateful to be working and enjoying the people I meet.
  • My kids – With less free time, I appreciate even more the time I have with my family.
  • ANWA – We had another great meeting. We learned about writing better characters, heard some great readings and of coarse there was yummy food.
  • I finished The Paris Wife and started The Great Gatsby.
  • Dinner at Red Robin.

Off the top of my RSS feed, here’s a few favorite posts.

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