Family Home Evening: Love at Home with Service

I love when the kids use their turn for the family home evening lesson to work on Faith in God, Duty to God or Personal Progress! This week’s FHE is a good one. (Unlike the usual bad ones :) )

Opening Song: Give Said the Little StreamValentine


Scripture: John 3:16

Lesson: Love at Home with Service

How do we serve our family?

  • Cook for them
  • Do their laundry
  • Drive them (these were my answers)
  • Give gifts
  • Babysit
  • Play games together
  • Share
  • Help each other
  • Work out problems without arguing

We’ve used Love One Another charts before and it’s time for another one. It’s a great way to help your family be aware of all the little acts of service that are being performed, usually unnoticed. Once we start noticing them and thinking about them, they increase! Talk about a win win.

Activity: Mormon Ads. We searched quotes about families and chose one to make our own Mormon Ad. I chose “Individual progression is fostered in the family which is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” by Russel M. Nelson.

Closing Song: Old McDonald Had a Farm (just for my grandson)


Treat: Red Cake

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