Friday Favorites: January 4

I don’t know how a month went by without my Friday Favorites! I even started my post twice last month, but couldn’t get back to the computer to finish. There were lots of Christmas favorites, but they seem so 2012. I’m ready to start the year off fresh.pancake favorites

  • I like to look back before I look forward with my 2012 review.
  • Shopping on New Year’s Day is fun, even if I didn’t buy anything other than pretzels.
  • Inventory! OK, not so fun, but it comes with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Family Book Club. I’ll write up our meeting for The Candymakers soon!

Blog favorites!

  • Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to get warm, but this Hot Taco Dip from Free Online Recipes sounds awesome!
  • Now that January’s here, it’s time to plan for Valentines! Silhouette has the cutest Heart Garland on their blog.

I’m sure there is more awesomeness out there, I’m just too behind to find it! Yep, those Christmas decorations are calling me to put them back in the closet for another yer. Until next week, share your Friday Favorites!


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