Friday Favorites: November 9

Can you believe there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving? I’m still trying to mentally prepare for Halloween! I guess I better buy a turkey before I blink and it’s December. Let’ see if I can get my brain around this week’s favorites.Nano favorites

  • I spent last weekend at Time Out for Women. What an amazing recharge! I think the laughing and crying (the good kind) were pretty well balanced.
  • The election is over! No more campaign ads!
  • Another great ANWA meeting.
  • I’ve been Nanoishing along, which means I’m writing regularly but not 2000 words a day. I don’t need to win, I’m just hoping to hit 10%.
  • I had a job interview that I thought went very well. I’ll know if the prospective employer agrees in the next couple of weeks.
  • A great Relief Society dinner. The food was good and the company was even better!

Time’s short these days, but I found a few favorites on some of my favorite blogs.

  • If Thanksgiving is close, that means Christmas is just a couple of days behind (at least it feels that way). Family Chic has a cute and easy Sweater Tree project that has me wondering if I have any sweaters I’m ready to recycle.
  • Now that the decorations are covered, I {Heart} Naptime has a cute jar gift idea.
  • To keep the ideas from being too Christmas heavy, Chef in Training has 30 soup, chili and chowder recipes.

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