Happy Halloween!

Happy Candy Day! I mean, Happy Halloween! Come on, who are we kidding? Today is all about dressing up to get people to give our kids candy, so we can eat it for them. That’s what good parents do – eat their kids Halloween candy to protect them from the evils of all that sugar! Right?Halloween dinner

Besides dressing up and eating candy, we have a few other traditions at our house.

  • Carve the pumpkins on Halloween. They rot quickly here in Arizona. I suggested carving them over the weekend and trying the tips to keep them longer, but the kiddos said no.
  • Eat a Mummy Dinner. This year it’s dogs.
  • Trick or Treat as late as we can. Apparently there weren’t too many kids around last year; we stayed out late enough that on guy gave us the rest of his candy so he could shut off the light and go to bed.
  • All this work, so I can re-purpose some of it for Christmas.

We’ve done a few non-candy related things in the past.

This year we made plastic bag ghosts and toilet paper roll bat party favors. (I would have painted the party favors, but if someone else is doing the work, they can do it however they like!)Halloween party favor

How are you spending Halloween?

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