Friday Favorites: October 5

Happy October! I pulled the Halloween decorations out of the closet, now we just need some time to decorate. Actually I did hang up three decorations, so I can officially say we’ve started our Halloween celebration. And I bought candy corn – that totally counts! Besides Halloween preparations, I have some other favorites too!

  • Frost Gelato – Check out my review on Arizona Mama!Gelato favorites
  • My girls and I made these yummy French Toast Cupcakes. They are delicious, but no matter how much you want to, don’t eat two in the same day or you’ll get a tummy ache!
  • I finished the rough draft of my kids party planning book! Now on to the editing.
  • My monthly ANWA chapter meeting was awesome as usual. It’s amazing how meeting with a few women with the same interest recharges me.

Here’s more fun from my some of my favorite blogs!

So there’s this week’s wrap up of my favorites. Please share your’s, I’d love to see them!

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