Family Home Evening: Prayer

Happy Sunday! Enjoy this week’s family home evening.Family home evening prayer

Opening Song: Give Said the Little Stream


Scripture: 1 Nephi 3:29

Lesson: Prayer

This lesson came from one of the EFY Family Home Evening DVD’s. It starts by reading the sacrament prayers in Doctrine and Covenants 20, verses 77 and 79. These prayers remind us of the promises we made at baptism, the atonement and Priesthood responsibilities. The other points of prayer that stood out were:

  • Prayer is communication work. It also requires listening.
  • Prayer is personal; be specific and thoughtful. Take a minute to plan what you want to say.
  • Remember our relationship with Heavenly Father.
  • Back up your prayers with action.
  • Kneeling is a reverent position.

It’s also good to review how to pray.

  1. Address Heavenly Father
  2. Express gratitude
  3. Pray for inspiration
  4. Close in Christ’s name
  5. End with Amen
  6. Listen
  7. Act

This lesson reminds me that regardless of how long you know something, there is always something more to learn. Especially because it’s so easy to get complacent; our prayers can become a repetitive habit and lose their meaning.

Activity: Hand print turkeys – We made turkeys from construction paper to send to family for Thanksgiving. I love to see how everyone expresses their creativity differently!

Family home evening activity

Closing Song: Love One Another


Treat: No Bake Cookies

How do you teach your family about prayer?

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