Bloggy Boot Camp – Vegas

I had an amazing Saturday at Bloggy Boot Camp! After a couple of evo‘s, this was my third blog conference. Did I mention it was amazing? I took 12 pages of notes! I wish I took more pictures. (I wish that after every conference! This time I even forgot my camera; fortunately I borrowed my daughters and still didn’t take many pictures.) I have a huge list of things to learn more about and do.Bloggy Boot Camp cheese tray

My lame attempt at capturing some kind of picture. Once again, I’m all about the food!

Oddly enough, I’m not overwhelmed. I’m totally invigorated. Sometimes life is hard (or is that just me?). Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I don’t know which way to turn and it’s hard to listen to my heart because of all the haters. (Elizabeth Jayne Liu shared a great quote. “Don’t try to win over the haters; you’re not the jack*** whisperer” – Scott Stratten) Maybe they aren’t haters, they are just telling me what they think I should do and it leaves my head spinning.

I had time to go over my notes and start letting the conference sink in, I’m hoping that will help keep my enthusiasm going. On that note, here’s to nourishing my spirit, shaking things up and making my dreams come true!

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