Friday Favorites: September 28

Yeah, it’s the last Friday in September! Here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Spent the day with my cute grandson while some of the other kiddos went to an amusement park.
  • Since I had the house to myself after he went to bed, I sneaked in a Christmas movie, The 12 Dates of Swinging favoritesChristmas.
  • I finished our family book club read, The Dragonfly Pool and can’t wait to share my review. (I’m just a few behind.)
  • Participated in an awesome Relief Society clothing exchange.
  • My kids made some delicious chocolate muffins. Since they are muffins that totally makes them breakfast food, right?
  • My new article is up at Arizona Mama – Fall Fun at the Park! Please check it out and leave me a comment.

There’s some cool favorites online too!

  • It’s time to pull out the Halloween decorations. Wouldn’t these Monster Pedestal Jars from The Celebration Shop be a cute addition to our decor?
  • I’ve been meaning to try making a big batch of homemade taco seasoning. Maybe I should try a batch from My Favorite Recipes to see if I like it – then make a big batch.
  • Givers Log pointed out that there are only 12 weeks until Christmas! (See, I’m totally justified in watching Christmas movies!) She has a link for a coolio checklist for those of you who make your gifts. I don’t so much make too many gifts, but I have been gathering ideas and even bought a few things.
  • I enjoyed Annette Lyon’s guest post on Chocolate on my Cranium about having real conversations with our children.

Don’t be shy, share your Friday favorites!

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