Friday Favorites: September 21

Welcome to the first official day of autumn! I guess it’s time to get some motivation to put up some fall decorations. Or I could share this week’s favorites instead.Pie favorites

  •  My daughter delivered my Halloween costume. What could be easier than throwing on an Angry Birds hat?
  • Another daughter and I made our first Lemon Meringue Pie. Yummy and dangerous to my weight loss efforts!
  • I finished Caribbean Crossing by Connie E. Sokol. I’ll be reviewing it soon.
  • We have one vote on our Photography Challenge, but we’d love more.

Since my week was pretty low key (although getting the oil change was pretty exciting), I found more excitement at some of favorite websites.

  • Booking Mama gave me another book to add to my to-read list. Not that I really need that list to be longer, but you know how it goes.
  • We have a long list of taco and pizza variations, but this Pizza Quesadilla from Blog Chef sounds like a great combination of the two.
  • With Halloween just around the corner, these Patchwork Pumpkins from Positively Splendid would be a great addition to any decor.
  • I love Poco Cosa’s book initials, even though it seems a little cannibalistic for a book lover to destroy books like this.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorites!

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