Flagstaff’s Lowell Observatory

Lowell ObservatoryWe’ve been spending time in Flagstaff recently. It’s a beautiful place to escape the heat in the summer and play in the snow in the winter. One of the trademark tourist spots is the Lowell Observatory. I shared the juicy details of what to see and a highlight of the tours available over at Arizona Mama.

The Pluto Discovery tour was my favorite. The walk up to the telescope really puts the distances between planets in perspective! I also love the story of how Pluto was discovered. (I do still feel sorry for Pluto being downgraded from a planet. On this tour we also learned that the moon is getting further away and eventually it will just slip out of the Earth’s gravitational pull.  When that happens, the oceans will no longer have tides. Weird!

Have you ever been to the Lowell Observatory? Please stop by, read my post and share your experience. Leave a comment and say hi, even if you’ve never been there!

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  1. dieta says:

    While this idea excited the public, the astronomical community was skeptical. Many astronomers could not see these markings, and few believed that they were as extensive as Lowell claimed. As a result, Lowell and his observatory were largely ostracized.
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