Family Home Evening: Humility

Sunday is a special day; it’s the day I share our family home evening – even if it late at night.Humility family home evening Without further ado, here’s how our night went.

Opening Song: Once There Was a Snowman


Scripture: Helaman 6:36

Lesson: Humility

I based this lesson on one from LDS Living. I stayed surprisingly close to its outline. First we talked about why we love little children. Our family came up with reasons like they’re cute, innocent, open minded, they love unconditionally, they’re teachable and desire to please us. Turns out we’re not the only ones who love little children.

After reading Luke 18:15-17, we talked about why the disciples tried to keep the children away from Jesus and his response. Then we discussed the childlike qualities we are missing in our lives and what we can do to develop them. We thought of things like:

  • Being instantly forgiving – accept that people are going to have different points of view and strive to understand their intentions.
  • Not being offended easily – don’t let those who don’t know you offend you; with those that do know you, consider if there is any room for improvement and the person’s intention.
  • Be humble – Remember where our talents come from.

Finally we read the story by Adam S. Bennion.

Activity: Harry Potter Uno

Closing Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone


Treat: Lemon Meringue Pie

Share your favorite scripture story to teach humility.

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