Family Home Evening: Helping Each Other

Happy Sunday! Enjoy this week’s family home evening.Family Home Evening Service We’ve had a service focus this month.

Opening Song: We’ll Bring the World His Truth


Scripture: John 10:10

Lesson: Helping Each Other

This lesson came to me while I was reading Lighten Up by Chieko N. Okazaki.The goal is to help others because we love them, but we are blessed as we serve.

  • Being willing to help can put us in the position to gain understanding.
  • Helping builds character, makes us dependable, and able to help others further.

I love that as we serve, we grow spiritually, mentally and physically. This cycle is another reminder that we will always be indebted to the Lord.

Activity: We played ‘Fortunately / Unfortunately’ while making designs from plastic mosaic shapes.

Closing Song: I Hope They Call Me On a Mission


Treat: Panda Patties (homemade ice cream sandwiches)


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