Family Home Evening: Faith

Welcome back for another Family Home Evening. After a busy week, we were a little less structured. Impromptu can be a nice change once in a while.

Opening Song: Book of Mormon Stories


Scripture: Matthew 6:24

Lesson: FaithFamily home evening - faith is like a seed

Apparently we were in a Matthew mood with our scripture and lesson both coming from his book. We Matthew 8:5-13, where a centurion comes to Jesus asking that his servant be healed. I can see why Jesus was impressed with this centurion.

  • Verse 6:Shows the centurion’s compassion. I don’t know of a lot of employers that are concerned enough about their employees to search out medical help for them.
  • Verse 8:Shows his humility. Jesus offers to “come and heal him”, but the centurion contends he is unworthy to have the Lord under his worth.
  • ┬áVerse 8: Also shows his faith. He knew Jesus only had to say the word and his servant would be healed.

If there was any doubt as to the centurion’s faith, read verse 10. The Lord marvels at it Himself. If I want to know what the Lord wants from me, this is a great place to start. If I strive to be compassionate, humble and faithful, then I’m on the right path. I don’t need to be perfect (thank goodness because I have a long way to go), I need to keep my motives pure and keep trying to be what the Lord wants me to be.

This story reminds me of Abish and the people of Ammon. The centurion seems like the first step to having the kind of faith to bury our weapons of war rather than risk offending the Lord.

Activity: Take the Train – This is a new game for us; it’s quick, fun and easy to learn.

Closing Song: Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked (and walked and walked)


Treat: Vanilla Ice Cream with toppings

What’s your favorite story about faith?

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