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Those of you who know me, know that I am passionate about two things – my kids and reading, and half of my reading is focused around my kiddos. We even have a family book club to help me catch up with a fraction of what they are reading. I just finished reading Mission Possible by Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia; a book I didn’t read with my children, but for my children.

The story of Eva Moskowitz ‘s journey to founding the Success Academy Charter Schools is a captivating one, but this book is so much more than that. It starts off with a wake up call of how poorly our nation’s education system stacks up to countries around the world. We spend more than most countries with poorer results. It is not a matter of putting more money into the system, it’s a matter of making that system effective.

The way we make our schools successful is by focusing time and resources on our principals and teachers. We all have those teachers that remain dear to our hearts decades after we’ve completed school. Why have they stuck with us all these years? The motivated and encouraged us; they showed us we can accomplish great things. Teachers who consistently teach to the lowest level in the class feel the stagnation, which is one of the greatest source of low teacher morale.

What other profession does that? Do sales people spend 90% of their time with customers who aren’t interested in their product? No, they spend their time where it makes the most difference. Every success gives the salesperson more confidence and that confidence can be the motivation that draws in more customers. I’m not saying teachers should only work with the bright motivated students, but teaching at a higher level pulls the entire class up. The teacher and students gain more confidence with every victory and they want more. This is the motivation for everyone to see how far they can go. For that reason, every educator and parent should read this book.

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I told my daughter yesterday that I wish I could give a copy to each teacher and administrator in her school. (We have lots of ‘if I had a million dollars’ wishes.) I may not be able to do that, but I do have a copy to give away to one of my readers. For your chance to win your own inspiring copy of Mission Possible, leave a comment sharing something you do to ensure your children receive a good education. Contest ends at 8pm Arizona Time, Thursday, August 9. U.S. residents only. The winner will be announced on Friday.

* I would like to thank the authors for providing copies of Mission Possible and compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  2. This looks like such an interesting book. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  4. Laurie says:

    When I was raising my girls…reading was the top priority for us too. ♥ that you are doing the same thing for your kidos. Visiting from SITS.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos
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  5. Kelly says:

    First I want to thank you for this review – I bought my copy the other day and am looking forward for the first day of school (Aug 27th!!) to have the time to dedicate to reading it. I’m not all that sure how much I will learn, as this is my 3rd year as a Success Academy parent. I have met Eva many many times and I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have towards her, and the staff and teachers at my son’s school. He is a scholar at the SA Bronx 1 and entering kindergarden was a new experience for him (and me!). Like so many of the parents that commented, I did my best to teach him at home, but when he entered the real academic life it was a shock to his little system. My son had serious anxiety issues – to the point of covering his ears and shaking when being cheered on by his teachers and classmates. It was a hard hurdle for my husband and I – to the point we contemplated pulling him out of school – but the therapists and teachers and staff worked with him and he is now a completely different child. The way that the teach at SA is nothing I have ever seen in my public school life – and regardless of a child’s background and issues, they work with them – and the families – to ensure they get the best education possible. Upon exiting 1st grade in June, my son was reading on an end of year 3rd grade level and doing math on a mid-year 4th grade level – on top of his passion for chess and the science experiments he is always begging to do ( they have science daily and it shows!) I couldn’t ask for a better education or atmosphere. The SA model is one that works – as do many of the charter schools out there (KIPP, Democracy Prep, etc) – and it is such a battle for parent choice in this country, finding that ‘perfect fit’ shouldn’t be so hard. The more parents and educators we can gather to help our children in this fight the better. We cannot allow our kids to suffer at the hands of the bureaucrats who are just looking to make a buck and keep ‘power’ in the education system. NYC has been in for a bumpy ride the last few decades education wise and with a new mayor on their way in many of us parents are sitting with bated breath waiting to see what will happen.

    • Raejean says:

      It’s good to hear from a parent who has a working relationship with Success Academy! I look forward to more parents and teachers learning about what has worked and incorporating those ideas into more schools!
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  6. Carrie says:

    I apologize for the typos on my previous post. It is hard to proofread and type on my phone.

  7. Carrie says:

    As a parent & teacher of kindergarten and first grade multiagency, I am passionate about teaching. As a parent, we have always talked to our son about real world things, read stories together as a family, visited the library, gone to museums in every city we have visited including, but not limited to, the science centers, zoos, Civil Rights Museum (Maryin Luther King), fire museums, botanical gardens. As a family we believe fun should have a learning opportunity or lesson. We discuss respect for other when we are in public, go on sight word scavenger hunts and the grocery store, talk about diversity and appreciating other cultures, and so much more. As a teacher, I stress that it is okaXy that we are at different levels and have different needs. I differentiate class work & homework to meet the individual needs. As well, I build an environment where we become a family. Parents are actively involved and we all work as a team to accomplish the goal. We learn through hands-on expieriences and real life application. I love reaching in my classroom full of students or in my home with our boys.

  8. Where would I start? And wow – I couldn’t agree with the concept more. One of the reasons I gave up my career and devoted myself full time to my son was to find a way for him to get through our education system. Not only does it cater to the middle and bottom tiers but it leaves very little room for kids to think differently. So we’ve moved him from school to school looking for a fit including homeschooling him in 8th grade. Now he is one year away from graduating high school from a small private school. It is a good fit but not a great fit – I still devote much of my life to educating teachers so they can relate to him in an effective way. He loves to learn but he just doesn’t always do it the way that teachers expect him to.

  9. Brenda says:

    I have moved to where there are better schools for my children’s education.

  10. Monica says:

    I don’t do anything yet, my son isn’t ready for formal education yet– I do try to teach him things any moment I get though!
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