Lemon Cups

Recently we were making one of our favorite summer desserts, Frozen Lemon Pie for family home evening. The recipe calls for the zest and juice of one lemon. After our pie was in the freezer, my daughter and I were examining the lemon remains, enjoying the smell.Lemon cups

I scraped out the guts inside the lemon and noticed the halves looked like cute little cups, so of coarse I had to see if they held water. They did. Finally I sliced a little off the bottoms so the cups could sit flat instead of wobbling. It would be so cute to serve lemonade in these at a party. (Even if they are small cups of lemonade.)

I decided to see what came up on Pinterest when I searched ‘lemon cups’. OK, so lots of people have thought of it and they weren’t serving water. There was lemon mousse, ice cream and lemon ice. Jello would be fun too!

See PInterest makes my cute ideas even better. So, does anyone have an excuses to have a lemon party?

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  1. A lemon party sounds like fun. I love anything lemon or lime flavored.
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