Family Home Evening: Positive Attitude

The theme for this week’s Family Home Evening is as close as I could get with just a couple of words. Do you ever have those epiphanies that are so subtle they are hard to describe?Rubber Stamped card

Opening Song: If the Savior Stood Beside Me


Scripture: Matthew 7:1 JST

Lesson: Positive Attitude

Doctrine and Covenants 88:33. I used to teach rubber stamping classes and I participated in monthly card exchanges. My manager taught me that I can learn something from every card, even if it was what doesn’t work. Her statement applies to more than card making. We can learn from everyone and every experience. I know I’ve been guilty of focusing on the parts of the book I didn’t like, or someone’s annoying habits. When I focus on negative thoughts, I become a more negative person and bring those around me down.

One time we did an activity where I had everyone look around the room for all the blue things in the room. Then I had them close their eyes and recall as many yellow things in the room. What we focus on is a big part of what we remember.

Feedback is a giftThis doesn’t mean that we should never complain, vent or sacrifice the truth in the name of being positive. At the same time, we’re more likely to listen to feedback when we know that it’s coming from someone who cares about us.

For the Strength of Youth says to “Use language to build and uplift those around you.” In my Boy Scout training, I learned that feedback is a gift and the wrapping matters. One of my kiddos called the wrapping a compliment sandwich; sandwich the feedback between two compliments.

Positive attitude isn’t just about us, but it’s about lifting others too.

Activity: Don’t Eat Pete (FYI – Frozen M&M’s are messy!)

Closing Song: Give, Said the Little Stream


Treat: Browned Butter Cookies

How do you go beyond having a positive attitude and use it to lift others to a higher place?

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