Family Home Evening: Miracles of Nature

Welcome back for another Family Home Evening! I thought I’d add a little structure to my weekly summaries, let me know if you like it!

Opening SongFollow the Prophet


ScriptureRomans 1:16

Lesson – Miracles of Nature

My daughter shared the following story, but wasn’t sure where it came from; let me know if you do!

“One day as I was lying in a canoe, a big black beetle … climbed up to the canoe. I watched it idly for some time.

“Under the heat of the sun, the beetle proceeded to die. Then a strange thing happened. His glistening black shell cracked all the way down the back. Out of it came a shapeless mass, quickly transformed into beautifully, brilliantly-colored life. … There gradually unfolded iridescent wings from which the sunlight flashed a thousand colors. … The blue-green body took shape.

“Before my eyes had occurred a metamorphosis—the transformation of a hideous beetle into a gorgeous dragonfly. … I had witnessed … a miracle. Out of the mud had come a beautiful new life. And the thought came to me that if the Creator works such wonders with the lowliest of creatures, what may not be in store for the human spirit!”

We discussed other miracles of nature like rainbows, the seasons, babies and life. It amazes me how the world of nature operates. Science has an explanation for some things, but there are many things that just work. I’m grateful for this beautiful world the Lord gave us!


Closing Song If You Could Hie to Kolob


Treat – Chocolate Chip Cookies

What do you have planned for this week’s Family Home Evening?

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