Family Home Evening: Let Your Light Shine

Happy Sunday! I love sharing our Family Home Evening with you.

Opening SongPopcorn Popping


Scripture Doctrine & Covenants 99:2

Lesson – Let your Light Shine

My daughter determined that light and life are often interchangeable in the scriptures (John 8:12). Keeping that thought in mind, we looked at Matthew 5:14-16 and substituted the word life for the word light. I love how ‘let your life so shine before men’ sounds. Our life, or our example, needs to shine and show the way to eternal life. It made me think of the floating lights in Tangled, you never know who’s watching your light or how far reaching it might be. My kiddos had a Gregor the Overlander analogy, but I haven’t read the book, so I didn’t totally get it.

Along with letting our light (life) shine and not hiding it under a bushel, we can be even brighter when we group our candles together. What a great visual for choosing good friend! We can strengthen each other by working together.

Taking the substitution the opposite direction, light of the world becomes life of the world. That reminds me of when the wicked were saved because of the few righteous people in their midst.

Activity – Harry Potter Uno

Closing SongOnce there was a Snowman


TreatFrozen Lemon Pie

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