Slices of June

June flew by; it felt like the month was only 9 days long. I love sleeping in and less taxiing kids around. Now if I can figure out how to spend my time playing with them and still get my work done! Here’s how we sliced the month.

0 – Pounds gained or lost. I did so good last month, but this month I didn’t do good at logging my food. Our trip to Flagstaff set me back too.

1 – Tricycle race at Pack Meeting. (Two if you count my impromptu challenge to the other Cub Scout leaders.)

6 – Books finished, including the first two Ranger’s Apprentice books.

7 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including the Savvy Family Book Club.

14 – Blog posts. I have so many things planned, hopefully this month I’ll be able to share them with you.

15 – Scrapbook layouts finished. That sounds like so many, but I’m going to have to pick up the pace to finish last year’s pictures by the end of November – or change that goal!

16Projects finished; there was a lot of reading, some Scout stuff and even a little cleaning.

37 – Names added to my Personal Ancestral File. It’s going to be hard to ever finish if I keep adding four for every one name I verify!

565 – Page Views.

How did you do with June? Are you pleased with how your month sliced up?

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