Family Home Evening: Articles of Faith

This week’s Family Home Evening lesson is a simple one about the Articles of Faith. The Articles of Faith are the basic beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in a concise and straightforward 13 points. Joseph Smith wrote them for publication in the Chicago Democrat newspaper at the invitation of John Wentworth. The kids are much better at memorizing them than I am, but I made a handy matching game that helps us all (yes, even me) remember the main points. Here’s my cheat sheet so you can make your own cards.

1st Article of Faith – Godhead

2nd Article of Faith – Adam

3rd Article of Faith – Atonement

4th Article of Faith – First Principles

5th Article of Faith – Hands

6th Article of Faith – Organization

7th Article of Faith – Gifts

8th Article of Faith – Word of God

9th Article of Faith – Revelation

10th Article of Faith – Ten Tribes

11th Article of Faith – Worshiping

12th Article of Faith – Law

13th Article of Faith – Praiseworthy

Whenever someone makes a match, they read or recite that Article of Faith. If I played this every few days, I might actually get them to stick in my head!

We played What If? for our activity and ate ice cream for our treat.

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