Christs Gifts to Women Review

As I shared in my Daughters of Jared review, I was able to talk with Heather Moore for a few minutes about her book Christs Gifts to Women. It was reassuring to hear another woman crave more counsel to women in the scriptures for additional direction in our own lives.

At times, we as faithful Latter-day Saint women struggle to understand exactly who Christ is in our lives. We fail to comprehend the gifts He offers us as we strive to overcome the challenges we face. But Christ’s great message to us is that He has overcome this world. He has given us great gifts that empower and help us realize we are not alone. With touching artwork from renowned artists, this beautifully written book weaves trials faced in our day with trials faced in Biblical days, and expounds on the timeless power Christ has given women to overcome them. As we strive to draw closer to Christ, He will draw closer to us, magnify our efforts, and fill us with joy and peace. From the gift of mercy to the gifts of experience, wholeness, nurturing, and seeing, authors Heather B. Moore and Angela Eschler help women recognize the incredible rewards Christ has given each of God’s precious daughters, no matter the hardships we face. {Amazon}

In Christ’s Gifts to Women, teachings for women of the New Testament are expanded and applied to the challenges we all face in today’s society. Six women, from Elizabeth, the mother of John the baptist, to the woman taken in adultery and others – each received gifts that are not only available to us, but that Christ is anxious to give.

I recommend this book for every woman who wants a closer relationship with her Savior. This book gets four slices of PIE – I just wish it was longer!

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing the book. I’m glad you enjoyed it :-)