Saint Maybe Book Review

The first book I finished this year was Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler, I figured it’s time for a book review.  I’m normally all over a good Christmas story and I liked watching the movie, so I figured the book would be even better.  For only the second time ever, I like the movie better than the book (the first time was The Natural). This book was much better than The Natural (the movie), but I’m not feeling bad tearing it apart to use for invitations for a book theme party I’m throwing.

The main character, Ian, overcame challenges and turned out to be a great guy in the movie.  In the book, he was so flawed and while he did many noble things, he couldn’t seem to shake his demons.  Instead of being a story of hope and redemption, the book dragged on slowly bringing Ian to a better place but not necessarily a happy place.

I can’t even give this book one slice; if you see this book on clearance for a dollar – save your money!

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