Family Home Evening: Pleasing the Lord

This Family Home Evening lesson stemmed from a scripture study discussion.  We talked about things that please the world versus things that please the Lord.  We listed several things under each column and added to each list throughout the week.

Things that please the world:

  • Celebrities
  • Academic obsession
  • Clothes
  • Inappropriate media
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Electronics / Technologies
  • Pride

Things that please the Lord:

  • Go to church
  • Gain knowledge
  • ¬†Modesty
  • Wholesome recreational activities
  • Keep the Sabbath day
  • Obedience
  • Honesty
  • Study scriptures
  • Common sense
  • Pray
  • Gratitude
  • Close family relationships
  • Technology
  • Service

After I recapped our earlier discussion, we read 1 Nephi 6 and Joshua 24:15 and the second section from the George Albert Smith manual. We finished off our lesson by making a third list.

Ways to do better:

  • Listen
  • Ponder the scriptures
  • More wholesome recreational activities as a family
  • Choose better media

I find it helpful to periodically asses where I stand with the Lord and look for ways to improve.

Our activity was several rounds of Don’t Eat Pete and our treat was Brown Butter Cookies.

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