Museum of Theives Book Club

Our book club recently met to discuss the book Museum of Thieves. This young adult fantasy reminded me why I enjoy reading young adult books!  In addition to it be clean and appropriate, the non-stop plot was full of twists and turns.  I give it 5 slices!

One of our book club members said that life with the guardians in control is exactly how she pictures our lives without agency. I love how she ties what we read with a gospel principle! I get caught up in the story and don’t think as much about anything beyond the story, except if it was well written (which this book was).

Another of the girls found it hard to believe that there weren’t more people, adults and teenagers, rebelling from the oppressive government controls.  We discussed how people can be conditioned to blindly following parents or government leaders.

We had a great discussion and yummy Sealed with a Kiss Muffins!  What more could I ask for in a book club?

What are you reading right now?

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