I’ve never liked the word cram.  Even though there are several definitions for the word, I can’t think of one of them that doesn’t make me cringe just a little.

There’s cramming a suitcase or your day – as in trying to fit more than is humanly possible.  And then there is cramming it down someone’s throat.  “It” is rarely something good; and even if it was something yummy like a chocolate chip cookie – I don’t want it crammed down my throat.

In high school, my friends crammed for exams.  That never worked for me; I could review the material so it was fresh on my mind, but I knew it or I didn’t.  The thought of trying to “know” it a few hours before the test tied my stomach in knots – still does. Nowadays the tests are different.  You can’t cram for a job interview, the big game or a friendship.

I had a couple of stressful days and my bad habits of comforting myself with food came flooding back.  I woke up on the morn of my weigh-in trying to figure out how to cram a smaller number into the scale.  Nope; you can’t cram that either.

When it comes down to it, you can’t cram life.  It seems like whenever we try, there is an underlying lack of organization and/or discipline that leaves us feeling we need to catch up no matter how unrealistic.

Here’s to nurturing ourselves and enjoying life with a steady pace in our pursuit in excellence.

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