Friday Favorites: January 13

Happy Friday the 13th – I hope no scary guys in hockey masks are hanging out in your neighborhood!  I started this post last Friday, but I didn’t get very far before I it was time to help out with inventory for my family’s business.  Bean counting (or bearing counting in this case) makes for a very long day!  So this is a combo list of last week and this one.

  • Life – We had a full family game of Life, it was fun even though I came in last.  We’re not talking a little behind everyone else, we’re talking my cash and life tokens didn’t come close to the cash everyone else had.  Darn midlife crisis!  I ended up with the lowest salary possible.  Hopefully it’s not a foreshadowing of my real life!
  • The Adventures of Tintin – My friend Nota Supermom’s review of this movie was so good, we chose it for our semi-annual trip to the movies.  I loved the action packed adventure that kept us laughing.
  • Christmas decorations – I finally got them packed up and everything back into the Harry Potter closet.  It’s definitely my favorite to not have the house cluttered with boxes and piles of decorations scattered around the house, constantly nagging me to get the job done.  I’m happy to say the job is done, although no one in the house was happy while it was getting done.
  • Cub Committee Meeting – We have some exciting plans for the next three months; first up a Chinese New Year Pack Meeting!  I’ll review last year’s ideas to help pull the details together.  I also tried these yummy Nutella cookies. I’d say they were a hit since they were gone the next day!

There’s some great inspiration around the blogosphere too!

  • Kim from It’s a Crafty Life is inspiring me to get back on track with our Family Photography Club.
  • I might have to try this easy crock pot meal from Dinner Time Ideas.

I’m also devoting time each week to my word of 2012 – nurture.  I nurtured myself this week by eliminating a someday goal from my current routine.  I might be able to do it all, but not in a week!

Please share your favorites of the day!


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