Family Home Evening: Family History

Our family home evening lesson on family history was prepared by one of my younger kiddos.  She had the following list of questions.  The answers we came up with are in parenthesis.

  • What is family history? (The history of our family.  Clever – no?)
  • Why do we do family history? (So we can learn more about our ancestors and where we come from; and we can perform their temple work.)
  • What are some of the consequences of family history? (Blessings; having a forever family; more love for our family; to see if we are related to “important” people.)  I personally think they are all important, even if they are not famous.
  • What do you do after you find a family member? (Temple work)  It also makes it easier to find the next person up the tree or to the side.

She also made the point that even if you aren’t working on your own family history, there are other ways to be involved in family history work.  Elder Bednar shared information about a new website that is specifically geared to helping our youth be involved in family history.

Our activity was a card game I played with my dad’s family when I was a kid called Mille Bornes.  Our treat was Blonde Brownies.

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