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Chinese New Year Pack Meeting

Since our Pack Meeting was shortly after the start of Chinese New Year, we used that theme to go with our Positive Attitude Character Connection.  I shared my plans in our Cub Committee Meeting.  Not only did the dens take care of their assignments, the Bears and Webelos also made some really cool paper dragons to display at Pack Meeting.

The Webelos were in charge of the gathering activity this month.  They deciphered a few Chinese sayings.  We introduced our theme and Character Connection with a brief history of the Chinese New Year and some qualities of people born in the Year of the Dragon.  I named a few famous “Dragons”; for some reason Chuck Norris got the biggest response from the audience.  Part of the Chinese New Year celebration includes positive wishes for family and friends, and casting away grudges.  Just like our New Year celebration, it is a fresh start full of hope and possibilities.

Our parent training focused on the purposes of advancement.

  • Build your son’s self-esteem
  • Build his self –reliance
  • Give positive recognition
  • Bring a boy closer to his family

Advancing through Cub Scouts creates stronger Boy Scouts and increases the likelihood of boys earning their Eagle Scout rank.  The statistics are staggering on the ratio of Eagle Scouts to missionaries, astronauts and Navy Seals!  Most of all we want to give our sons the tools to be good men.

The Bears tickled our funny bone with their digging to China skit.  Note to self: have boys hand their noise makers to their parents at the end of the skit.

We were fortunate to have a bunch of awards, including four Wolf advancements, a Webelos advancement and crossover ceremony.

After all that, we spent a few minutes playing Catch the Dragon’s Tail while the parents met with the Den Leaders to review the advancement requirements for their specific den.

We finished up the evening with fortune cookies for everyone.

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Family Home Evening: Family History

Our family home evening lesson on family history was prepared by one of my younger kiddos.  She had the following list of questions.  The answers we came up with are in parenthesis.

  • What is family history? (The history of our family.  Clever – no?)
  • Why do we do family history? (So we can learn more about our ancestors and where we come from; and we can perform their temple work.)
  • What are some of the consequences of family history? (Blessings; having a forever family; more love for our family; to see if we are related to “important” people.)  I personally think they are all important, even if they are not famous.
  • What do you do after you find a family member? (Temple work)  It also makes it easier to find the next person up the tree or to the side.

She also made the point that even if you aren’t working on your own family history, there are other ways to be involved in family history work.  Elder Bednar shared information about a new website that is specifically geared to helping our youth be involved in family history.

Our activity was a card game I played with my dad’s family when I was a kid called Mille Bornes.  Our treat was Blonde Brownies.

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Friday Favorites: January 27

Happy Friday!  Welcome to my favorites.

  • I did some shopping with my mom over the weekend and picked up a pair of cute jeans for $20!  Yeah for pre-inventory sales.  I also started on some birthday shopping for my kiddos.
  • I’m still sticking to my goal of losing weight by tracking what I eat, eating less and moving a little more.  I’m starting to see some progress.

After a busy start to the week, my body helped me remember to nurture myself.  It only took a nagging headache to slow me down.  The headache is gone, but I’m still stuck in low gear.  Slow is fine, I’m just finding a balance between meeting my responsibilities, nurturing myself and my family.

My favorite blogs inspired some new favorites!

What on your list of favorites today?

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These is my Words Book Club

I’m much more timely with this month’s recap of our book club of These is my Words by Nancy Turner.  It’s interesting to live in the same house as a couple of my book club members, especially since I’m never sure of how my fantasy girls will react to mom’s historical fiction.

One of my girls finished the book and quickly went on the next book of the series.  My other daughter took much longer; since she made comments that it was a pain to read Sarah’s poor writing at the beginning of the book, I wasn’t sure if she was having trouble getting through the book because she was busy or because she didn’t like the book.  I avoid talking about our books before our meetings so the entire club can participate.

Overall everyone enjoyed the look into the Arizona Territory in the late 1800’s, even though a couple of members didn’t quite finish it.  My one daughter still had a few issue’s with Sarah’s naivete about her body, but she still wanted to finish it.  I love how her views on the world remain fairly simple, but she’s such a complex character.  She’s strong, yet compassionate; hard working, yet tender.  Her character is amazing, the makings of a legend.

As with most historical fiction, I’m left wondering where the historical leaves off and the fiction begins.  We agreed that events were realistic to the time (except for maybe the high number of baths); they were just rolled into one character – Sarah Prine. Sarah’s full life kept the story interesting.  This is one of my favorite books I’ve read in a couple of years – definitely 5 slices!

At the end of one of Nancy Turner’s books, she tells that Sarah Prine was actually one of her ancestors.  She didn’t have a lot of details about her life, so she took the stories and made the rest up.  (That’s where the fiction part comes in.)  I love that idea!  I too have many holes in the stories from my ancestors; her statement gave me permission to learn what I can and fill in the blanks with creativity.

Since no book club is complete without food, we enjoyed a hot Peach Crisp during our discussion.  Don’t you think it’s good pioneer food?

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